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12 Natural Mud Baths Around the World That Will Heal Your Soul

12 Natural Mud Baths Around the World That Will Heal Your Soul

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As a lifelong nature enthusiast, I am obsessed with finding natural mud baths and hot springs in the wild. Outdoor adventure travel is so rewarding.

Scrambling up dicey mountain terrain.

Exploring lush jungles.

Hiking through boreal forests.

We strive for those mountain peak views or eagerly await the big reveal of the waterfall sounds that have been getting louder for the last mile of hiking.

Chasing waterfalls and searching for natural hot springs are one of the most gratifying pleasures of often strenuous and sketchy hikes.

But if you’ve exhausted your pinterest dream boards of cascading waterfalls, or find that your Instagram feed is tapped out of natural hot springs images, why not dream about some natural mud baths!

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links, meaning if you make a purchase through some links I may receive a small commission, but it’s at no extra cost to you!

Where to Find Natural Mud Baths

Huatulco, Mexico

Head to Playa La Bocana.

When you arrive at the small Malecon boardwalk (found at the main entrance to the beach), wait for the mud bath ladies to greet you.

There are a couple ladies who are descendants from the Zapotec people and they still use the ancient mud recipe passed down from their ancestors.

Check out my full blog post about our mud bath experience here!

Where to Stay Near La Bocana

To be within a 2-minute walk from these mud baths, stay at Villa Escondida.

Soufrière – Drive In Volcano in St. Lucia

Sulphur Springs Park in St. Lucia is rich in hot springs, bubbling mud and fumaroles, which are steam vents from volcanic activity.

Access here is relatively pain free, as you can actually drive in most of the way. You can either participate in a guided tour or explore the area on your own.

One of the highlights is taking a dunk in the hot mud bath!

A primitive concrete ‘pool’ has been built to contain some of the mud for visitors’ enjoyment. It’s heated from the geothermal underground heat

Where to Stay Near Soufrière Drive In Volcano

For chocolate lovers, a stay at the Hotel Chocolat is a must.

Located deep in the rain forest complete with open-air rain showers, you can indulge in all things chocolate at this boutique property built on a cocoa plantation.

A 10-minute drive and you’re at the mud baths!

Another option close by, the Ladera Resort offers an Eco-resort style atmosphere with it’s open air suites.

As one of the highest rated properties in the area, it’s great rates makes it one of the best value options.

Hell’s Gate Geothermal Reserve and Mud Spa – Rotorua, New Zealand

Upon entering the grounds, you will take part in a geothermal walk, take a dip in natural healing mud pools, rinse off in the Sulphur mineral springs and then plunge into the waterfall pool.

You’ll leave feeling exfoliated, rejuvenated and feeling 10 years younger.

Book your therapeutic tour in advance to get a spot.

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Mud Baths at Vulcano Island (Laghetto di Fanghi)

Just off the coast of Sicily you will find the Aeolian Islands, where Vulcano Island is found.

Bathe in the silky smooth warm mud pool and then rinse off in the bubbling, natural jacuzzi heated from the thermal activity underground.

And not too far from here you can visit the famous Italian black sandy beaches.

Buena Vista del Rincón Eco Adventure Park Hotel & Spa, Costa Rica

Buena Vista del Rincón – image credit

This is an entire eco-tourism resort with onsite volcanic mud baths, hot springs, a jungle waterslide, ziplines and horseback rides.

This place is the epitome of Costa Rican outdoor adventures.

View more details about the hotel here.

Dead Sea, Israel

The heavily salt-saturated waters of the Dead Sea are renowned for their powers to heal physical ailments and has been used this way for centuries.

According to Tourist Israel, tourists flock to the region to cover themselves in the famous mineral-rich mud and enjoy the long lasting benefits days later.

Where to Stay Near the Dead Sea

One of the best areas to experience the iconic Dead Sea, is the beach at Ein Bokek.

You can’t get much closer with a stay at the Crowne Plaza Dead Sea Hotel. Here you can get a room with an unobstructed view of the sea itself.

Askja Volcano and Mývatn Nature Baths, Iceland

If conditions allow, you can actually bathe in this volcanic crater named Víti. After about a 30 minute hike up the volcano, you’re met with stunning views of this muted turquoise lake.

The descent down into the water is a steep one, and is often closed due to slippery and dangerous conditions. A Guide to Iceland has great information about this adventure.

For a very similar feel but way more authentic than the Blue Lagoon, try out the Mývatn Nature Baths.

With a mix of pools, saunas, waterfalls and the opportunity to view the northern lights, you’ll be hard pressed to find a more authentic Iceland experience.

Where to Stay Near the Volcano and Mývatn Nature Baths

Stay at the Icelandair Hotel Myvatn to be within a few minutes’ drive.

Or, try the Vogafjós Farm Resort for a deep dive into Icelandic culture, complete with a homemade traditional breakfast each morning.

Blue Clay Beach, Nayarit, Mexico

In my quest for finding unique things to do on my last trip to Sayulita, I came across this great post from Alexandra Saper of the

While I never did make it here on my last trip, I am determined to find it next time I go!

The way she eloquently describes the softness of the medicinal blue clay found only at one particular beach makes me excited to go back!

Where to Stay Near the Blue Clay Beach

For a quiet garden oasis, Casa Del Sol is a great option.

Crete, Greece

In particular, you’re looking for Xerokambos Beach. Sometimes it’s also called Argilos (clay) Beach.

This is where you will find the healing clay. Here it’s in the form of soft limestone known as Pliocene marl.

This is what the bathers use to lather themselves in the soothing clay. More information can be found here.

Where to Stay in Xerokambos Beach

Akti Rooms is a unique apartment style property, directly on the beach with views of the South Cretan Sea.

Or, try the Krinakia Villas which have an exceptional 9.7 rating.

Milky Way Lagoon, Palau

This spot is what fairy tale wanderlust dreams are made of.

In a secluded area only accessible by boat, you’re greeted by vibrant turquoise warm water.

Not only is it picturesque swimming hole, it’s got silky white clay at the bottom. Bathers come here to lather up and leave feeling rejuvenated and younger!

Where to Stay Near This White Natural Mud Bath Lagoon

You’ll have to stay on the Koror Island and take a boat tour to visit this lagoon.

Try the Palau Pacific Resort for relaxing sunset views after your adventurous day at this natural mud bath made from the white limestone mud.

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Formentera, Spain

turquoise ocean water against the sandy beach from above

Photo by Jannes Jacobs on Unsplash

With its well-known neighbor Ibiza close by, in Spain’s Baleric Islands, you will find Espalmador Island.

This island is north of a more well known Formentera Island. This an uninhabited island which boasts beautiful coves and a unique natural mud bath experience.

According to, the mud bath is actually located in the middle of a salt plain inland and not right on the beach.

Where to Stay on Formentera Island

The Blanco Hotel Formentera is a good option for something a little more luxuirous.

For a mid-range option, I would try the Hotel Club Sunway Punta Prima.

And for your best value, Hotel Rosamar would be a perfect choice.

Dalyan, Turkey

Taking a dip in the Dalyan Mud Baths in Turkey is often compared to the same healing properties found in the dead sea. The mud baths are located in a nationally protected are, so you’ll have to get here through a tour. Living the Dream has written a comprehensive post with lots of additional info!

Where to Stay Near the Dalyan Mud Baths

With a rating of 9.8, you’ll have a phenomenal stay at Grandma’s Garden.

Or try the Hotel Calypso for a little more of a resort feel with stunning views of the Dalyan River or the Olemez Mountains.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Last but not least, worth mentioning is the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

While its now relatively well-known with Iceland’s recent spike in tourism in the last 5 years, this place is still incredible.

More accessible than the Milky Way Lagoon, you can find similar white silky clay at the bottom of the cloudy turquoise warm water.

a girl wades through blue lagoon iceland

Photo by Tom Grimbert on Unsplash

Where to Stay Near the Blue Lagoon

Make a reservation at Northern Light Inn to stay as close as possible to these iconic blue mud baths. This property is so close that they offer free shuttles to the lagoon!

Benefits of Natural Mud Baths

If you’ve ever soaked in a natural hot spring, you know the feeling of pure bliss and relaxation that blankets your body.

After my first dip in natural geothermal waters, I was a believer. When you immerse yourself, your skin soaks up all the beneficial naturally occurring minerals.

After lathering up with mud, letting it dry on your skin and then washing it off in the same water that it came from, you get the added benefits of a different type of mineral immersion.

I’ve likely got your attention now with all the benefits of a healing mud bath, right?

If you need a DIY version at home before you travel the world, give this stuff a try.

You mix a little of the clay with some apple cider vinegar and you’ve got one of the most natural and healing skin products that you can put on your body.

Have I Missed Any Noteworthy Natural Mud Baths?

I would love to hear your reviews of any of the above places mentioned, or let me know if you have any epic natural mud baths that need to be on this list!

I am hoping to visit more of them myself in my travels over the years and will be sure to provide updates of my own!