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This Overlooked Travel Hack is the Key to Saving Money on Hotels

This Overlooked Travel Hack is the Key to Saving Money on Hotels

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We’re all familiar with cheap hotel booking sites like Booking, Expedia, Kayak and Priceline. But there’s a website no one is talking about, and it’s the best way to save money on hotels.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click through and make a purchase I may make a small commission. I only share information about things I know, love and trust!

It’s called Plannin – and after browsing through some dates for my next trip to Las Vegas – I am shocked at how much cheaper it is compared to the more popular hotel booking sites.

As you can see, there are some great deals on rooms in Las Vegas – for example:

  • Rooms at the Wynn are 23% less expensive
  • Rooms at the Venetian are 18% off
  • New York New York is 39% cheaper compared to if you booked somewhere else
  • and Flamingo is more than half price than where you’ll find anywhere else!!

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What is Plannin?

It was designed to help you find all the hotels your favorite creators have stayed at.

BUT – with access to deep discounts (we’re talking up to 40% off compared to what you would find on other sites, like Booking or Expedia, for example)!

On Plannin, creators add their personal tips, photos, videos and things to know about their favorite hotels. 

It’s a brilliant way to sift through all the impersonal and anonymous (and sometimes fake, AI-generated) hotel reviews on other sites. 

But the best feature is that many of the 2 million + hotels worldwide are up to 40% less than the exact same hotels you’ll find on other sites. 

All you have to do is create a free account and you’re all set to find great deals.

I’ve added all my favorite hotels I’ve stayed at so you can browse through my recommendations the next time you’re planning a trip!

Here’s How Plannin Works

If you’re planning an upcoming trip but haven’t booked your accommodations yet, take a peak around Plannin and see what kind of deals might be available for your destination.

I searched some random dates (maybe not so random…perhaps this is a hint for future content coming your way 😉) for April 28 – 30, 2024 and saw that the Cosmopolitan was on sale:

As you can see in the images above, the exact same room for the same dates is $109.87 cheaper than Expedia on Plannin!

Here’s a more affordable option in Las Vegas – the Flamingo Hotel (with one of the best pools on the Strip):

Again, the exact same room at the Flamingo is $39.25 less expensive than if you booked it through Booking.

As you can see in the examples above, I think this is definitely one of the best hotel hacks to save money.

At the very least, before you book your next hotel on any of the other discount hotel sites, I would take a peek at Plannin and see if the room you’re looking at is on sale!

Discover more deals on Plannin here!

P.S. – if you’re a fellow travel creator (or an aspiring one) you can sign up here and start sharing your own recommendations and earn on bookings.