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A Guide to Marijuana Tourism in Canada

A Guide to Marijuana Tourism in Canada

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Cannabis is big business these days, and that means everyone wants their piece of the market. Enter: marijuana tourism.

Cannabis is now legal for recreational use across Canada. Joining the ranks of several American states that have also legalized pot, it’s a rapidly growing industry.

According to Statistics Canada, in just 5 months since recreational marijuana was legalized in Canada, sales have exceeded more than $1 billion.

And it’s not just teenagers and deadbeats getting high anymore. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Many well-educated middle class adults, baby boomers and seniors are partaking regularly. And for good reasons.

Marijuana has been used for medicinal purposes for years now. But it’s become a lot more common in recent years as a natural pain reliever, sleep aid, de-stresser and anti-anxiety remedy.

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Cannabis 101: CBD and THC

Cannabis is more than just marijuana though. Cannabidiol, or CBD is a cannabinoid part of the cannabis plant that is non-psychoactive and not intoxicating.

The more commonly known THC is the psychoactive part of the plant that gets you high. Our bodies actually have an endocannabinoid system which includes cannabinoid receptors.

While our cannabinoid receptors weren’t made or created specifically for cannabis, cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) are naturally present in the cannabis plant and our bodies therefore know what to do with them.

Meaning, our bodies have a way of knowing how to feel or what to do with these receptors when cannabinoids bind with them.

While the system is much more complex than this, in simple terms, our bodies have a way of finding and determining what to do with these cannabinoids when they enter our bodies.

Which is why we see so many health benefits for all kinds of ailments.

Cannabis Benefits

CBD can help control anxiety, reduce pain and inflammation and help with premenstrual symptoms. Numerous people around the world are regularly consuming products like CBD oil and capsules for relief of uncomfortable symptoms.

And there are even creams and balms to help sooth skin conditions as well.

Edible products like CBD-infused gummies are also a great way to enjoy the benefits. You can use the code lovecbd for 25% all orders on JustCBD.

You can find everything from bath bombs to pain reliever sprays and creams. Lots of great products to try and they ship worldwide.

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But beyond taking a little toke for a good night’s sleep or governments cashing in on pot tax, there’s an exploding scene of cannabis and marijuana tourism in Canada.

And it’s not just stoners looking to go on a vacation or a bunch of red-light district debauchery in Amsterdam.

Canna-tourism and marijuana tourism is big business. There are many people looking for and partaking in refined tourism experiences that are 420 friendly or incorporate cannabis products.

Forbes wrote that marijuana tourism is the next big thing and one of the fastest growing tourism niches in the United States.

“In Colorado alone, cannabis tourism has grown 51% since 2014, according to a report from the state’s department of revenue.”

What’s great about legalized recreational marijuana in Canada is that you can actually fly domestically within Canada with pot in your possession.

If you’re planning a visit to Canada, and want to explore several parts of this vast nation, you can actually fly within the country while carrying the green stuff. Just don’t try to cross the border or leave the country with any bud on you.

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What You Need to Know About Consuming Cannabis in Canada

Legal age to consume cannabis in Canada is either 18 or 19 years old, depending on which province or territory you’re in. For example, in British Columbia and Ontario you must be 19 years of age, but in Alberta 18 is the legal age.

Adults can legally possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis in public. To give you an idea, this is roughly 40 joints. Keep in mind that cannabis edibles and concentrates won’t be legal in Canada to purchase until late 2019.

As far as public consumption goes, it’s still fairly restrictive. Each province and territory is different as well as each city you visit. If you’re visiting Canada and not participating in a specific pot-tourism tour, I recommend doing a google search.

Whichever city or cities you’re planning to visit, just do a google search like this: city name + cannabis laws and that should bring up everything you need to know.

The Green Light on Cannabis

This is why the marijuana tourism industry is burgeoning. Because consumption of cannabis is mostly limited to private property, marijuana tourism opportunities are the ways tourists can delve into the wacky tabacky while on vacation.

If you’re interested in cannabis and marijuana tourism in Canada, there’s something for everyone.

From cannabis-infused dining experiences, massages, yoga retreats and 420 friendly accommodations, Canada should be your green bucket list.

In the coming years, as more pot-preneurs pop up, the list of hash holidays and ganja getaways will only continue to grow.

While most of the provincial and municipal government have yet to address cannabis tourism legislation, there are still lots of experiences you can currently enjoy.

Marijuana Tourism in Canada

Canada High Tours brings travelers on cannabis-friendly trips offering all kinds of enriching experiences. From downtown walking art tours to pot & paint art classes, there are tours in several major Canadian cities.

Cannabis-Focused Tour Companies

On Canada’s west coast, Butiq Escapes offers luxury tours, including a high hiking experience.

And based out of Toronto, Canadian Kush Tours offers complete packages from arranging airport pickups and arranging accommodations and creating bud-friendly itineraries.

420-Friendly Accommodations

CannaIsland is Atlantic Canada’s connection for cannabis friendly places to stay, as well as events and food and beverage tourism.

Bud and Breakfast is basically the AirBnB of cannabis friendly vacation rentals. From entire hotels, to private room rentals or complete vacation homes, you’re sure to find something.

In Ontario’s cottage country, you can stay at Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa, an adult-only boutique resort. Smoking pot is allowed on the property grounds and in certain designated rooms.

If camping is more your style, you’re in luck; even the national and provincial parks are jumping on the marijuana tourism train. Parks Canada states that within national parks campgrounds you can consume cannabis at your personal campsite.

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Yoga and Spa Weed Retreats

You can enjoy pot-yoga retreats in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains with 420 Yoga Retreats. What better way to de-stress and manage your aches and pains than chill meditation in the fresh mountain air?

The Sentinel in the west Kootenay region of British Columbia offers spiritual workshops and retreats for those interested in elevated experiences with the healing powers of this magnificent plant.

In Ontario, you can head to St. Anne’s Spa for a canna-massage. This unique treatment uses essential oils infused with CBD to offer deep relaxation and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Dope Dining Experiences

Culinary tourism and food tours are continuing to boom in popularity. The Nomad Cook takes this to the next level by offering cannabis-infused cooking and culinary experiences.

If you find yourself in Vancouver, head to the New Amsterdam Cafe. Part coffee shop, part paraphernalia shop and part smoke-lounge, it’s a great nod to the red-light district coffeeshops of the real Amsterdam.

Attend a Free-Spirited Festival

On Sundays in Montreal you can head outdoors to Mount Royal Park and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Tam-Tams. It’s a free gathering of drummers and dancers. Pack a picnic lunch (cause you know you’ll need snacks), spark up and enjoy the free-spirits or just chill and enjoy the afternoon.

The Greater Toronto Area will be host to the Journey Festival, an ode to the laid back music fest and hippie culture of Woodstock.

In Edmonton, the long running Edmonton Folk Music Festival will now have a designated cannabis smoking area, similar to a beer-garden section. Indie folk music, summer evenings and some bud anyone?

Enjoy your time in Canada and take in all the marijuana tourism experiences this country has to offer! Happy and green travels my friends.

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