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About Me

Hi!, I’m Aly Smalls, CFF (Chief Fun Finder) of Like Where You’re Going

Discover More, Plan Less: Expert Itineraries at Your Fingertips

After 10 years as a Tourism Development Officer for a government agency, I’m now a full-time travel curator. On this blog, you can expect a wealth of insider knowledge and meticulously crafted itineraries that cater to real travelers seeking authentic experiences.

Here, you’ll find the tools and information you need unlock your perfect trip and explore hidden gems effortlessly, making your travel planning stress-free and your adventures memorable!

Meet Aly, the Writer Behind This Travel Blog

I’m an obsessive travel planner and a former Tourism Development Officer!

On my site you’ll find useful, practical and authentic travel information. I’ve written tons of destination guides, sample itineraries and ultimate travel lists to fuel your wanderlust.

I’m a real person who loves to plan, has a knack for finding hidden gems.

I write all my posts for everyday people who want realistic travel info. While you will find the occasional post about Instagram-worthy spots, the majority of my content focuses around experiences and soaking up the culture, history and authenticity of places.

You’ll find tons of itineraries and posts about ‘things to do’ in places I’ve visited and written about.

I try to focus on hidden gems, unique activities and things off the beaten path.

I avoid going where the crowds are (overtourism is becoming such a problem), so I always try to share alternative places that are just as beautiful.

My Youtube Channel

Watch my travel guides and vlogs on my Youtube channel!

My Credentials

I have a degree in tourism from the University of Alberta, and worked as a Tourism Development Officer for over 10 years.

Long term strategic planning, policy, land-use planning…all these things need to happen behind the scenes before people like you and me can go travelling and experience the world!

And that’s where my personal love of travel comes into play.

In an effort to marry my real job (that pays the bills) and my adventure-seeking spirit, I started to track all my trips, holidays and vacations in one place – here on the blog.

I’ve planned several month-long trips to Southeast Asia and Europe and have traveled extensively throughout western Canada, parts of the United States and Mexico.

My home base is Alberta, Canada, so you’ll see tons of posts about the Canadian Rockies, too.

In 2022, I became a full-time creator publishing on my blog and travel YouTube channel!

Majestic Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Things I like

Hot spring dips and craft brewery sips.

Discovering places that no one else visits.

Finding the best rooftop patios.

Nature and national parks.

Treating weekdays like the weekend!

Cycling through rice fields in Vietnam!

How I Would Describe Myself

A 30-something, life loving, adventure seeking, wellness pursuing, self-aware optimistic nihilist. We’re only here for a short time, we might as well make the most of it.

Collecting memories instead of things is what I live for.

If You’re Still Reading

In my early twenties all I knew was to get a stable job, work hard at it and then everything else will follow suit. What I realized around the time I turned 30 was that life is short, it’s precious, and holy cow does time go by fast.

Between always being the go-to planner on any family or friend trip, my nickname being the ‘master of finding fun stuff to do,’ a lifelong passion for health and well being and a desire to share my ideas and excitement with others like me, things started to take flight.

In the last couple of years I’ve focused on one main thing. Making myself happy first and living the life I want.

I’ve started travelling more and my interest in living my best life and getting the most out of it is fueled by every trip I plan, take or dream of taking.

And while I get to be a part of the travel industry and the recreation field in my every day full-time job, I don’t really get to do the fun stuff, like trip planning and story telling.

And so…

Like Where You’re Going

was born.

I invite you to stay a while and explore around my site! Here you’ll find travel help, destination guides trip itineraries, road trip ideas, resources about creating a better world with travel and little tips and tricks I’ve shared for being well!

Everything I share on my blog is aimed to help real people take real trips and holidays. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or wanting to make the most of you annual holiday, I probably have something for you!