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7 Unique Destinations For a Wellness Retreat

7 Unique Destinations For a Wellness Retreat

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Travel for the purpose of a wellness retreat and slow travel are popular trends right now. Counting countries just to add to a list is so 2018.

Travelers want to slow down, immerse themselves and really enjoy the places they visit.

Travel is now curving back to its original purpose: to relax, restore and get away from the hustle and bustle. Enter the wellness retreat-style vacation.

Private villa pool with a view of the beach in Bucerias, Mexico.

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Did You Know?

I recently came across a new term I had never heard of: ‘trav-agogy.’

“this trend focuses on the journey of visitors rather than the overall destination. With more visitors looking to learn about the places they are visiting, immersing themselves in the local culture or learning about history and heritage, whether by learning a new skill or through an immersive learning experience.”

Visit Scotland

This term and its definition is the antithesis to our instagram-follower-motivated way of travel.

It goes back to the original reason people started travelling in the first place. We want to learn about a culture or experience a way of life that’s different than your own.

It can also mean exploring a new geography, climate, cuisine or culture because its different and intriguing and could perhaps offer a new outlook or perspective.

Why Go on a Wellness Retreat?

As people, we’re interested in going green, making an effort to eat more plants, slowing ourselves and our lives down and focusing on moments.

And these are now the same things we crave in our vacations.

So, if you’re looking to add more purpose to your next vacation, experience the power of restorative recreation.

Take time to practice self-care and heal your mental and spiritual well-being, or maybe you want to learn a new skill, a wellness retreat is the perfect type of vacation for you.

Here are my recommendations below for the best places enhance your well being while you travel.

Unelma Bungalows – Mexico

Private villa and casita with palapa roof on a lush property in Bucerias, Mexico.

Located in the sleepy bedroom community of Bucerias (about 30 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta) exists a tranquil beachfront open air casita.

There are two separate and self contained suites in this casita, but the second floor suite is really special.

The kitchen and dining area is all open air, but yet still covered by the large palapa roof. You then have a walled bedroom, bathroom and shower room for more privacy, but still enjoy the open air as the walls do not go all the way up to the roof of the palapa.

Located on a pristine property with lush vegetation, your own private pool and gated entrance to the beach, this is the perfect spot for a DIY wellness retreat in Mexico at a very affordable price!

If you’re interested in checking out the other reasons why Bucerías is a great spot for a wellness retreat, check out my complete destination guide!

Null Stern Hotel – Switzerland

One of the open air rooms available at the Null Stern Hotel in Switzerland, located in the heart of the Swiss Alps.
Courtesy of Null Stern Hotel

This is an open air hotel room, meaning no walls and no roof. Sleeping under the stars among the vast beauty of the Swiss Alps.

Can you imagine being the only people overlooking Sound of Music-esque valleys?

Sure, you can likely get the same experience by throwing down a sleeping bag at your campsite. But experiencing a plush hotel bed out in the wild guarantees the perfect sleep.

Complemented by the benefits you’ll already be getting from the fresh air and the deep connection to nature you’ll experience. This may be a no-brainer, but this is only a summertime experience!

Ecoyoga Retreat – Scotland

Eco retreat outdoor bathtub near a waterfall and gorge in scotland
Courtesy of ecoYoga Scotland

Located up in the Scottish Highlands, this off grid and sustainable river-side yoga retreat provides guests with an immersive opportunity to practice self-care in a rejuvenating atmosphere.

Here you’ll find saunas built from locally sourced Douglas Fir wood, restorative soaks in natural water sources (both hot and cold) and eco-friendly lodges designed purposefully for yoga.

unique yoga retreat in scotland

Courtesy of ecoYoga Scotland

Xinalani Retreat – Mexico

palm-thatched roofed cabins overlooking the pacific ocean at Xinalani retreat in mexico
Courtesy of Xinalani Retreat

This self-described yoga sanctuary is the perfect destination for solo travel and group visits alike.

It’s located in a secluded section of the Banderas Bay shoreline just south of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

This stunning resort is a superb destination for a wellness retreat and a perfect antidote for a busy and stressed out lifestyle.

Guests can choose between different types of open air casitas nestled between the jungle and the pacific ocean.

There are unlimited yoga classes, fresh homemade plant-based dining, traditional healing sweat lodges and a nourishing spa.

The Sentinel BC – Canada

cedar hot tub and wood fired sauna leading overlooking kootenay lake
Courtesy of The Sentinel

To enjoy your own wellness retreat in Canada, head to the province of British Columbia, to the Sentinel.

This remote retreat is sure to provide you with a transformative mind, body and soul experience.

Located near Kootenay Lake, BC, this place is more than just an eco lodge. It’s nestled within the tranquil Canadian landscape. Here you’ll find an array of wellness retreats and programs.

Or, simply experience the natural healing powers of a soak in an outdoor cedar hot tub overlooking the pristine blue waters of the lake below.

CABAÑAS En Los Arboles – Spain

a natural treehouse cabin in spain

Courtesy of Cabanas en los Arboles

Translated to ‘Cabins in the Trees,’ these tree houses are sure to bring some calm with a side of nostalgic childhood memories.

Here, you’ll wake up to the sounds of birds chirping nearby in your own private tree house with fresh coffee and a full spread of breakfast only made of organic ingredients.

Guests can also enjoy a Finnish-style sauna and wood-heated hot tub.

Finnish-style sauna in spain
Courtesy of Cabanas en los Arboles

Skookumchuk Cabin – Canada

an off-grid log cabin located in the eat kootenay rockies in canada.
Photo by Chris

Another option to create your own oasis for a wellness retreat in Canada, is this unique cabin property.

Another hidden gem in Canada, this property is about as off-grid as you’ll find. This tiny home is a former park warden log cabin.

Entirely original from the 1900s, the only thing that’s changed is the location. The cabin is located on the owner’s private property, but you’re left alone to enjoy the freedom of being disconnected. No wifi and no power!

The owners of the property have converted an old abandoned school bus into a useable kitchen and dining area, complete with a solar-powered fridge.

The best part about this place? The outdoor shower. This hand crafted cylindrical home built shower includes a polished stone floor. Rainwater is collected and heated up high in the mountain.

Gravity is all that’s used to make the water flow to the shower faucet! It’s a guessing game as to when the sun-warmed water will end; so when we visited we kept showers short just to be sure.

For a list of other outdoor activities to experience near Skookumchuk, check out my full guide here!

Vacations and all forms of travel are good for the soul. They have the power to restore our tired minds and bodies.

However, I know that sometimes I do plan busy and adventure packed trips and when I return home I feel like i need a vacation after my vacation!

Wherever you travel and whether its often or never enough, I encourage you to plan either a moment or an entire vacation to restore your spirit and soul!

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