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The Haunting History of the Mount Washington Hotel

The Haunting History of the Mount Washington Hotel

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Now called the Omni Mount Washington Resort, the Mount Washington Hotel in New Hampshire is often associated with claims of being haunted.

It’s a historic luxury hotel located in Bretton Woods, and it has a long history dating back to its opening in 1902.

Over the years, various stories and accounts of paranormal activity have circulated around the hotel.

Let’s get into some of the reported hauntings and history of this hotel.

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Room 206

View of the Mount Washington Hotel, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

Room 206 at the Mount Washington Hotel has its own share of ghostly legends and reported paranormal activity.

This room is said to be haunted by the spirit of a former employee named Carolyn Stickney.

Carolyn was a maid who worked at the hotel in the early 20th century and was rumored to have had a romantic relationship with the wealthy owner, Joseph Stickney.

They eventually married.

After Joseph Stickney’s untimely death, just one year after the hotel opened, Carolyn is said to have been heartbroken and devastated.

The couple had no children, and Carolyn found herself alone.

Reportedly, she spent days on end aimlessly wandering the hallways.

It’s believed that her spirit continues to linger in Room 206, possibly searching for her lost love.

Guests who have stayed in this room have reported a variety of eerie experiences, including unexplained cold spots, flickering lights, and the feeling of being watched.

Look for paintings of Carolyn Stickney so you know what her ghost looks like!

The Princess’s Ghost

One of the most famous stories involves a ghostly figure of a young woman, often referred to as “The Princess.”

Legend has it that she was a bride who died on her wedding night in the hotel and now roams the halls in her wedding gown.

The Ghostly Dancers

Guests and staff have reported hearing the sounds of music and laughter coming from the hotel’s ballroom, even when it’s empty.

Some have claimed to have seen ghostly figures dancing in the ballroom.

Room 314

This room is said to be haunted by the spirit of former First Lady Caroline Foster, who passed away in the hotel.

Guests have reported various paranormal occurrences, such as flickering lights and unexplained cold spots, in this room.

Room 314 also includes the original furniture that Carolyn Stickney personally used.

Some guests who have stayed in room 314 have reported a knock on the door, only to find no one there.

There have also been alleged sightings of a woman sitting on the end of the bed brushing her hair.

The Haunted Hallways

Many visitors and employees have experienced strange sensations, eerie sounds, and inexplicable cold drafts in different parts of the hotel’s corridors.

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The History of the Mt. Washington Hotel

While the hotel has gained a reputation for being haunted, with various ghost stories and paranormal claims associated with it, it also has a fascinating past. 

The Mount Washington Hotel’s history is closely tied to the evolution of tourism and hospitality in the United States, and its iconic architecture and storied past have made it a beloved landmark.

Whether for its luxurious accommodations, stunning mountain views, or intriguing tales of the supernatural, the hotel continues to attract visitors from around the world.

Construction and Opening (1900s)

The hotel was constructed by wealthy industrialist Joseph Stickney, who envisioned it as a luxurious retreat in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

Construction began in 1900 and was completed in 1902.

The hotel was designed in the Spanish Renaissance Revival architectural style, and its massive wooden structure was a marvel of engineering at the time.

Early Years

The Mount Washington Hotel quickly gained a reputation as a premier destination for the wealthy and influential.

It offered luxurious accommodations, fine dining, and a range of recreational activities, including golf, tennis, and horseback riding.

The hotel’s location near the base of Mount Washington made it an attractive spot for those seeking a mountain getaway.

World War II Era

During World War II, the hotel was closed temporarily and was used by the U.S. government as a site for international monetary negotiations.

The Bretton Woods Agreement, which established the framework for the post-war international monetary system, was signed at the hotel in 1944.

Later Years and Restoration

After the war, the hotel continued to operate, but it faced challenges as vacation trends shifted and modern amenities became more important to travelers.

In the 1980s, the hotel underwent a significant restoration to bring it back to its former grandeur.

Present Day

Today, the Mount Washington Hotel is part of the Omni Mount Washington Resort, which includes not only the historic hotel but also modern amenities like a spa, golf courses, and ski facilities.

The hotel is a popular destination for weddings, events, and vacations, offering a mix of historical charm and contemporary comfort.

Famous Guests

When you stay at this hotel, you’ll walk in the footsteps of some major celebrities who were once overnight guests.

Some famous people that have stayed at the Mount Washington Hotel include:

  • Several US presidents
  • Princess Margaret
  • Thomas Edison
  • Babe Ruth
  • Princess Margaret
  • John D. Rockefeller
  • Alfred Hitchcock.

In fact, Thomas Edison visited the hotel to oversee the installation of electrical wiring for the hotel renovation.

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