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7 Waterfalls Near Revelstoke For Every Age and Ability to Explore

7 Waterfalls Near Revelstoke For Every Age and Ability to Explore

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From the magical mountain tops of the Selkirk and Monashee ranges, to the trails of the world’s only inland temperate rainforest, Revelstoke has some serious beauty to showcase.

One of the ways to discover this rugged charm is to go explore the many waterfalls near Revelstoke.

From light trickles to turbulent torrents, you can find any type of waterfall to match your adventure style.

Whether you just need to stop and stretch your legs on a road trip from Vancouver to Calgary or if you need a full day of fresh air spent among the old growth forest, these waterfalls in (and around) Revelstoke British Columbia are worth chasing.

Some great Revelstoke hikes are found on this list and I’ve listed each waterfall in the order of closest to farthest (hardest to reach).

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Moses Falls

Moses Falls are the closest waterfalls to Revelstoke, located in Moses Creek Community Park, just a few minutes north of town.

To get to Moses Falls, just follow Westside Road north of town for a few minutes until you come to the parking lot. Trail access will be to your left.

It’s a 5 minute easy hike to get to the two sets of waterfalls. You can either drive to the bottom of the falls or head down on foot. 

What you’ll find here is a tranquil little spot that’s still somewhat of a hidden gem in the area.

Upon arrival, you get major fairy tale vibes. The best time to view Moses Falls is in May and June during peak run off season. Once you reach the falls, don’t miss the trail that follows the edge of the falls down to where the water dumps into the Columbia River. 

Plus you can see the BC Hydro Dam from here, one of the tallest in North America. 

If you’re close to Revelstoke, have you visited the Enchanted Forest? It’s the most whimsical place in BC you don’t want to miss…

Begbie Falls

The next set of waterfalls near Revelstoke is Begbie Falls, another gorgeous cascade that can be accessed by a short hike from the parking lot (15 minutes).

If you only have time to check out one waterfall on your visit to Revelstoke, Begbie Falls are by far the most beautiful and only 20 minutes south of town.

Just be prepared for rough road conditions the last few minutes before you reach the parking lot.

For beginner hikers or those with mobility issues, take extra caution as it’s a little steep to get down. If you’re here in the summer, do not do this one in flip flops!

If you visit in the spring or early summer when the water flow is at its most powerful, a very misty greeting awaits you.

Sutherland Falls

Located within Blanket Creek Provincial Park, Sutherland Falls can be accessed via a 5 minute walk off the highway and only 20 minutes from Revelstoke – the perfect road trip stop.

I’d say Sutherland Falls is one of the most impressive easily accessible waterfalls in the area. With a perfect little pond where the water splashes down onto, you’ll want to stay and soak up the scenery for hours. Which you can do, there are several marked hiking trails to explore around Sutherland Falls.

Crazy Creek Falls

Another perfect rest stop on a road trip through british columbia, is at the Crazy Creek Resort – follow the accessible trail to the suspension bridge, which crosses the gorge where the two crazy creek waterfalls flow under.

You do have to pay to access the suspension bridge to see the falls since access is from the private resort. It’s a beautiful area, so the admission fee is worth it if you’re a devoted waterfall junkie but if you’re only stopping for a short break, I recommend choosing one of the other waterfalls on this list. 

Inside tip – plan for a longer break from your car ride and have a soak in the hot pools here, where you can actually see part of the waterfall. You can also stay overnight at one of the RV sites or cabins. Just don’t expect a hot spring experience, these are more like giant hot tubs. Still soothing though! 

If you want hot springs in BC, check out this road trip to visit 3 natural hot springs.

Akolkolex Falls

Akolkolex Falls are only for those who want to truly deviate off the beaten path, in a 4×4 vehicle and have plenty of experience hiking.

While the falls are stunning and you will likely encounter no one else there if you visit, unless you’re already planning to explore the area, I’m not sure if searching out these falls is worth it.

The first viewpoint you reach is secured by a chain link fence, and you don’t see a whole lot.

The second viewpoint is a small jut out that you need to stand on to get a view of the falls. However, there is no safety fence and this should only be done with extreme caution. Since this is a dangerous spot, I do not recommend anyone attempt this.

They can be tricky to find, so the best resource for directions can be found here

Kay Falls

30 minutes west of Revelstoke you will find Kay Falls. This is a beautiful waterfall that can be accessed within a 2-5 minute walk right off the highway which makes a perfect leg stretch break or combine with a visit to the Enchanted Forest.

This spot is perfect for travelers who want a short hike with rewarding views. While there is no elevation gain, the trail is rocky and uneven, so wear proper footwear and watch your footing (this one might not be the best for those with balance or mobility issues).

But when you do reach the base of the waterfall, you’re confronted with a beautiful display of water trickling over the rocks from 100 feet high. 

To get to Kay Falls, if you’re driving east, pull over the right immediately after crossing the small Eagle River bridge. It’s not a well marked spot, but the Google Maps pin is correct.

There isn’t much room for more than a few cars, so be extremely careful if you are pulling over here, as this is a busy highway and u-turns should not be attempted.

Frog Falls

If you’re after quiet, secluded and hard-to-get to adventures, Frog Falls are the perfect fit. This spot is best to visit if you’re after a quiet site for tent camping (it’s a BC recreation site).

They’re a little challenging to access after a drive down a forestry logging road, but reachable after only a 500 metre hike.

At the Three Valley Lake, take the Wap Lake Forest Service Road to the falls lookout point, which is about 30 minutes off the main highway. 

Three Valley Lake – close to where your want to turn on Wap Lake Forest Road

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Where to Stay in Revelstoke

There are several motels close to the highway in Revelstoke, but even if you’re only staying for one night, I recommend finding a spot within the downtown area.

I recommend this awesome (brand new) guest house right between downtown and the river.

Image courtesy Airbnb

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