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The Enchanted Forest Revelstoke BC: What It’s Like Visiting This Whimsical World

The Enchanted Forest Revelstoke BC: What It’s Like Visiting This Whimsical World

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Young or old, all visitors to British Columbia’s magical forest will appreciate being transported into a real life fairy tale. Located near Revelstoke, BC, this is a true roadside attraction that any road trip should include as a scheduled stop.

Honestly, I think the enchanted forest in BC is such an underrated hidden gem in Canada.

This post contains a few affiliate links, meaning I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase through them. I was not compensated for visiting the Enchanted Forest – I paid full admission and all opinions are my own!

What is the Enchanted Forest?

Deep in the heart of giant cedar trees (that are hundreds of years old) are handcrafted folklore and fairy tale figurines and tree houses sprinkled along a boardwalk trail.

Visitors are invited to follow the different trails through the mossy wonderland and imagine their favorite childhood characters and stories come to life.

Think Humpty Dumpty, Snow White, the Old Lady who lived in a shoe and so many more!

What started in the 1950s as a retirement hobby, has now transformed into an elaborate display of over 400 handcrafted fairy tale figurines, hand painted gnomes and the tallest treehouse in Canada (that you can still climb).

And as Chris and I visited and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves (and who have no children), we can truly attest that it’s fun for all ages! 

We spent an amazing afternoon slowly wandering through the forest canopy, enjoying the incredible scent of cedar guiding our walk.

As we meandered along boardwalk trails, every few feet we come across characters set in a fairy tale scene.

Some were immediately recognizable – some were less obvious – making it a fun exercise to recount our childhood nursery rhymes to remember which made up tale was presented in front of us. 

It’s also hands on and interactive.

You actually get to climb and crawl into the cedar stump house and other little houses that were built (if you can fit), including a castle and dungeon (which is legitimately scary)!

And not only is the forest full of gnomes and characters, there’s a romantic pond in which you and your partner can go for a cruise on a self-guided row boat tour like a scene directly out of the Notebook. 

You can even bring a picnic lunch and enjoy it in one of the most magical and romantic settings.

I mean, how cute is this quintessential picnic basket?

But the best part is near the end when the forest trail leads you to the most whimsical tree house you ever did see!

And when you realize you can still climb to the top, you’re momentarily a care-free 8 year old again. 

Not only is the enchanted forest a fun day spent with all your favorite childhood characters and hidden gnomes, it provides a true escape from our busy, connected and stressful lives, allowing us to pretend to be young again.

You’re reminded how important connecting to nature is, as you’re confronted with trees older than Canada has officially been a country.

There is indescribable beauty being in the middle of an old growth forest that everyone should experience in their lifetime. 

So, if you want to visit this imaginative, storybook world (which I highly suggest you do), here’s everything you need to know about visiting the enchanted forest near Revelstoke!

How far is Revelstoke from the Enchanted Forest?

The Enchanted Forest is located about 30 kms (or 18 miles) west of Revelstoke. It will take you about 25 minutes to drive there. It’s located right on the Trans-Canada Highway, so you can’t miss it! 

The enchanted forest is 440 kms (270 miles) west of Calgary, making it doable for a weekend road trip.

If you’re arriving in an RV, there’s a designated pull through parking area. 

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How Long Does it Take to Go Through the Enchanted Forest? 

On our recent trip to the Revelstoke area, we spent a little less than 1.5 hours wandering through the Enchanted Forest.

If you’re on a road trip and just passing through, you could see everything in 30 minutes if you’re short on time.

But on a nice day with no schedule, you could easily spend over 2 hours enjoying all the trails, the row boats, reading all the flora signage, etc. 

If you want to enjoy every trail, including the nature walk and the row boats, I would say a minimum of 2 hours would be required, and more if you’ve got a group of kids with you. 

Plus, there’s a duck pond at the end which was a big hit all all visitors, including us! And the gift shop has some unique items as well. 

The enchanted forest would be a great outdoor/stretch break as well, because they do allow dogs (on leash)! 

And with this being such family-friendly attraction, strollers are allowed on the trails, and you should be able to navigate them no problem.

We saw several families using strollers on our visit. And if you need to borrow a stroller, they do have extras for guests to use. 

When is the Best Time to Visit?

The enchanted forest near Revelstoke is a summer attraction open from early-May to mid-October each year.

The busiest months will be July and August, so if you’re visiting in the peak of summer, try to arrive during a weekday and in the morning for the best experience. 

We were also told that a great time to visit the enchanted forest is in the fall for a chance to see the seasonal salmon run where they arrive at the Eagle River to spawn. 

Other Things to Do Near Revelstoke and the Enchanted Forest

First, take a read of my list of 19 things to do in Revelstoke all season long.

This entire area has plenty of activities to keep you busy for a few days.

The Skytrek Adventure Park is the aerial ropes and adventure course located directly beside the forest. You could spend half a day at each attraction for a full day of activity. 

Don’t miss the Three Valley Gap nearby, which is a hotel and heritage ghost town attraction.

The Three Valley Gap Hotel itself is more like a resort, which is lakefront with a nice sandy beach.

And on site they’ve re-created a town you would have found yourself in the pioneer days of the gold rush in the 1800s. 

View room prices here.

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For more nature walks, you can find waterfalls at Moses Creek Community Park or Begbie Falls just outside of town. Or find the Malakwa Suspension Bridge for some gorgeous views. 

Revelstoke’s downtown is the perfect little mountain town to do some shopping or enjoy a local café. 

The Revelstoke Railway Museum is home to some fascinating locomotives and you truly have to see them up close to appreciate the grand scale of these epic machines. 

And you should definitely head up to the Revelstoke Alpine Resort which is only 5 minutes from town.

In the summer you can purchase a ticket to take a ride up the gondola for amazing scenery.

And you can also purchase a ride for the alpine pipe coaster which is so much fun! It seems a little expensive, but you’ll be giggling and smiling as you zoom down the mountain and will probably want to do it again! 

View from the top of the gondola, and you can see the track for the pipe coaster behind us (yes, it goes through the tunnel!)

Where to Stay Near the Enchanted Forest – Revelstoke Hotels:

If you want to stay somewhere unique and just outside of Revelstoke, Three Valley Lake Chateau is the hotel located at Three Valley Gap that I mentioned above. 

If you want to stay in the heart of downtown, the Explorers Society Hotel is the recently restored 1911-built hotel, the first one in town.

It’s pricey, but man is it nice!

The last time we visited Revelstoke we stayed at the Sandman Hotel, which is pretty basic but you know you will be getting a clean, comfortable room for a reasonable price.

We had great service here – we arrived later than anticipated and wanted to relax in the hot tub before bed, so they kept it open an extra 30 minutes for us! 

And finally, if you want the best budget Revelstoke hotel, I recommend The Cube.

The rooms are cheap, there’s a common kitchen area so that you can cook your own meals to save money, and guests receive passes to the community aquatic centre. 

Enjoy your time in Revelstoke at the Enchanted Forest – it is SO worth a visit no matter what your age or interests.

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