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Using Uber in Mexico: Safety Precautions & Tips (2024 Update)

Using Uber in Mexico: Safety Precautions & Tips (2024 Update)

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Good news, travelers! Uber is alive and well in Mexico, and is frequently used by locals, tourists and expats. Using Uber in Mexico operates the same way you use it at home in the USA, Canada and Europe.

But, you might still have a few questions about whether it’s safe, legitimate and whether you’ll be able to count on an Uber driver.

I’ve successfully used Uber throughout Mexico in Jalisco, Nayarit, Quintana Roo (Cancun) and Yucatan.

In this post, I’ll cover all the information you need to know about using the Uber app in Mexico, and what to expect during your trip.

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Where is Uber Available in Mexico?

In recent years, Uber has expanded across Mexico into dozens of cities.

Uber operates in 67 cities throughout Mexico, but here is the list of the most popular cities tourists will likely be using Uber:

  • Cancun
  • Guadalajara
  • Los Cabos
  • La Paz
  • Matamoros
  • Mazatlan
  • Merida 
  • Mexico City
  • Monterrey
  • Nuevo Vallarta
  • Puebla
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • San Luis Potosi
  • San Migel de Allende
  • Queretaro
  • Tijuana
  • Valladolid

For a full list of where Uber operates in Mexico, please see the Uber website.

Many Resorts Do Not Allow Uber

If you’re traveling to an area in Mexico specifically to stay at a large resort, you may have trouble getting an Uber.

In Cancun and Cabo, some hotels will not allow Ubers to drive onto the resort property to pick up guests.

As a guest you’ll either have to walk to the road (if it’s not too far and safe to do so), or take a taxi.

On your way back to the resort, if you’re just getting dropped off the hotel, you should have no problem getting dropped off at the front door.

Not all Mexican cities allow Uber pickup at the Airport 

You should be aware that not every city in Mexico allows Uber to pick up passengers directly at the airport. 

Many airports, including Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, only allow taxis with a special license to pick up passengers from the airport. 

That being said, many airports have specific pickup points that you can access from a short walk from the airport.

Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta have airport pickup points for catching an Uber. 

You can, however, always get dropped off by an Uber at airports in Mexico.

Can Americans Use Uber?

Yes, Americans, Canadians and Europeans can use Uber in Mexico. You use the app in the same way you would use it at home.

Whether your app is based in the US, Canada or another country, you will still be able to use the app while you’re in Mexico. 

One difference we noticed using Uber in Mexico compared to the United States, is that sometimes it does take longer to connect to a driver.

We’ve had several drivers cancel on us, which almost never happens at home. 

Uber drivers are more quick to cancel a trip if they can’t find you easily or receive a better fare to pick someone else up instead. 

That being said, we’ve never been left stranded, sometimes it just takes longer to get a driver.

What is Safer in Mexico, Uber or a Taxi?

I believe taking an Uber in Mexico is safer than taking a taxi.

This is because when you get into an Uber, you have all the driver’s information on your phone.

If an incident were to occur during or after your ride, you’ll have the driver’s information. 

Compare this to a taxi, while the majority of them are going to be safe, you don’t have the same level of identifying information.

Especially once you leave the taxi, you may never be able to reach them again after it’s driven away. 

In some ways, it’s better to use Uber in Mexico because you don’t need to know any Spanish to tell the driver where your destination is located.

Unlike a taxi, the driver already has the address of the location, so no need to explain where you’re trying to get to. 

Another reason why an Uber is safer than a taxi in Mexico is that you can track your location via GPS in real time.

This is especially helpful when you’re in a city that you’re unfamiliar with.

You can watch yourself travel along the suggested route on the map (which was input by Uber), so you know you’re going to the correct destination.

Is Uber in Mexico Cheaper?

Not only is using Uber in Mexico much cheaper than back home in the USA or Canada, it’s usually much cheaper compared to taking a taxi.

This is because you can see the fare in your app before you accept a ride. So there are no surprise increases in the fare when you reach your destination.

A small minority of taxi drivers may try to take advantage of tourists if they don’t agree on a fare prior to the start of the ride. 

Be aware that surge pricing still exists in Mexico.

If you’re leaving the airport, an event or attraction at the same time as other people, you may experience a temporary increase in prices. 

Why I love Using Uber in Mexico

There are so many advantages for choosing to take an Uber instead of a taxi in Mexico. 

When I’m in a city that I’m unfamiliar with, I can easily hail a ride. Sometimes it’s hard to find a taxi on the go. 

All the payment is handled through the app, so I never have to worry about having cash.

Occasionally taxi drivers may not have enough small bills if you need change. Not having to worry about paying with cash is one less hassle. 

I can track my ride while I’m in the car, which helps me feel more safe. 

For those who aren’t comfortable speaking Spanish, you won’t have to worry about telling your driver where to go because everything is handled in the app. 

Safety Tips for Using Uber in Mexico

To avoid potentially unsafe conditions or being scammed, here’s how to stay safe when using Uber in Mexico. 

Check the Driver’s Rating

Only get into cars where the driver has many 5 star ratings.

Ideally, you want a driver that has hundreds of ratings with as close to 5 stars as possible.

I don’t recommend accepting a ride from an Uber driver that has no ratings or reviews. 

Only Get into an Uber Summoned from the App

Sometimes if you’re waiting in a taxi or rideshare area, drivers may approach you and ask if you’d like an Uber.

Only get into cars that have been pre-arranged through your app. 

Don’t Pay in Cash

While your Uber account is tied to your credit card, in Mexico you have the option of paying cash at the end of your trip.

Do not pay cash, make sure the transaction is paid on credit card through the app.

There are cases where an Uber driver will accept a cash payment, but then file a complaint through Uber that they were not paid, and your account could get charged. 

If you do insist on paying cash, do not leave the Uber until you’ve received notification that the transaction was paid for. 

More Mexico Tips

I hope this article was useful for helping you navigate using Uber in Mexico.

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You will find everything from safety, to carrying cash, to bathrooms and everything you need when preparing for a trip to Mexico.

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