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Lussier Hot Springs Visitors Guide 2024: Know Overview & Travel Tips

Lussier Hot Springs Visitors Guide 2024: Know Overview & Travel Tips

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One of the best hidden gems in the east Kootenays of the British Columbia mountains is Lussier Hot Springs, natural geothermal rock pools in the middle of the wilderness. 

Are Lussier Hot Springs Open? Update July 2022

Lussier Hot Springs are open year round, but may close temporarily due to flooding.

In June 2022 they were temporarily closed because the water level from the river was so high that it completely covered rock pools making them unusable. 

In early July 2022, Lussier Hot Springs reopened to the public, however, only the top pool is accessible. The lower pools should be available for use toward the middle to end of July.

Due to flooding from the river and spring runoff, the water at Lussier Hot Springs is temporarily cooler than usual.

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Overview of Lussier Hot Springs & What to Expect

Lussier Hot Springs are some of the most accessible natural hot springs in all of British Columbia, and the closest hot springs to Invermere.

Upon arrival, you’ll walk down a gravel path for 5 minutes to get to the Lussier River, where you’ll see 3 individual rock pools built up on the river bank. 

The top pool is the hottest, where you can also see the source of the springs where the water pours in from underground. The middle pool is a little cooler and the lower pool is the coolest since it’s almost at river level. 

The water is perfectly clear and full of all kinds of minerals that make the water soft and your skin feel like a baby’s bottom. 

These hot springs do smell a little like sulfur (rotten eggs), but you get used to it after a few minutes.

I find that when you leave the hot springs, the smell doesn’t really linger on your skin, so you won’t need to worry about being smelly when you leave, 

Since they’re not located in a national park, you don’t need a park pass and entry to Lussier Hot Springs is free. 

Water Temperature 

If you’re looking for very hot natural hot springs, you’re going to love Lussier. 

The water temperature at the top pool usually ranges between 110 and 112 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s so hot that some people can’t even get in and most people who do, take a few minutes to lower themselves into the water. 

The middle pool is usually somewhere between 102 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit., which is closer to a typical hot tub temperature. 

The lower pool water temperature varies, because it’s so close to the river that water is constantly spilling in. 

Location & Directions: How to Get to Lussier Hot Springs

a brown park entrance sign off the highway

Lussier Hot Springs, also known as White Swan Hot Springs, are located in Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park, about 17 kilometers east on Whiteswan Lake Forest Service Road from Highway 93.  

There’s a large wooden sign that says Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park that you’ll see from Highway 93 – this is your turn.

Follow this road all the way until the hot springs. It’s about 17 kilometers. It’s an active logging and mining road, so just be mindful of potential trucks as you turn the blind corners. 

Also note that along this road you might see wildlife like bears and deer, as well as cattle.

The road is gravel, but can be traversed by a two wheel drive car, although a car with higher clearance will be more comfortable. 

Once you arrive at the hot springs, it’s a 5 minute walk down from the parking lot.

The path is hard packed gravel and the hill is somewhat steep, but there’s a wooden hand railing the entire way. 

Closest Amenities to Lussier Hot Springs

Make sure your car has lots of fuel before you leave for Lussier Hot Springs.

If you need to fill up, the closest community is Canal Flats which does have a gas station and a grocery store with a great bakery.

Tip – on Wednesdays they run ‘Wacky Wednesdays’ where most items are priced at 20% off. 


There’s a small parking lot along the side of the road at the entrance to the hot springs. The parking lot has room for approximately 20 cars.

There’s garbage and recycling bins and two dry pit toilets.

There are no change rooms on site, but many people use the toilets as changerooms. 

woman in an outdoor setting wearing a towel poncho
Using my towel poncho!

Tip – I recommend getting one of these towel ponchos that act as an on-the-fly changeroom.

They’re ultra absorbent, and big enough so that you can change out in the open and no one will see anything. 

Having a towel poncho is especially helpful in the winter when you get out of the hot springs, so that you don’t have to make the cold walk up to the car in your wet bathing suit. 

When you’re down at the hot springs, there are no facilities, changerooms, toilets or garbage cans.

So it’s important to pack out everything you bring, including garbage. 

Camping and Campgrounds Near Lussier Hot Springs

You cannot camp directly at Lussier Hot Springs, but since you’re already within Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park, you have several campgrounds to choose from.

10 minutes further down the road is the Alces Lake Campground, and the lake is beautiful.

There is also a sani-station/dump at the entrance to this campground.

Other campgrounds near Lussier Hot Springs include:

  • Cave Creek Campground (hike in)
  • Packrat Point Campground
  • Inlet Creek Campground
  • Home Basin
  • White River Campground
  • Spruce Grove Campground
  • The Raven’s Nest Resort & Campground
  • Dry Gulch Provincial Park
  • Whitetail Lake Recreation Site

Visiting Lussier Hot Springs in Winter

Lussier Hot Springs are open in the winter, and this is a fantastic time of year to visit.

It’s usually a little less busy and it’s so pretty with the steamy water rising above the frosty and snow covered rocks. 

When you visit in winter, just remember the road will be snow covered so driving with extra caution is advised. 

Walking down to the hot springs in winter is very difficult.

The gravel hill is quite steep and extremely slippery as it’s usually just a layer of ice.

You will have a much easier time getting down to the hot springs if you put crampons or ice cleats on the bottom of your shoes.

I’ve made the trek down to the hot springs twice in the winter wearing regular boots, and it was honestly the worst time.

I will never visit in winter without having ice cleats on. I’ve seen so many people slip and hurt themselves.

Once you make it down, the hot springs are thoroughly enjoyable in the wintertime. 

Lussier Hot Springs Photos

We have visited Lussier Hot Springs several times, so here are some photos at different times of the year.

a natural rock pool built up beside a river
a man soaking in lussier natural hot springs

You can also watch my YouTube video, which features a visit to Lussier Hot Springs when we had it all to ourselves.

Other Hot Springs Nearby

If you’re visiting Lussier Hot Springs, you can visit two other natural hot springs within less than an hour from here. 

The Fairmont Natural Hot Springs and Ram Creek Hot Springs are both unique and interesting places to visit if you can make it to Lussier Hot Springs.

In fact, we often visit all three of these natural hot springs in one trip. 

For more information, I’ve written a full guide about how to best visit each of these springs

Fairmont Natural Hot Springs
Ram Creek Hot Springs

How far is Lussier Hot Springs from Fairmont Hot Springs? 

40 minutes driving time or 48kms.

Lussier Hot Springs to Radium Hot Springs

1 hour driving time or 84 kms. 

Read more about things to do in Radium Hot Springs here.

Hotels Near Lussier Hot Springs

I recommend staying in the resort community of Fairmont Hot Springs for the best selection of hotels near Lussier Hot Springs.

My favorite place to stay is at the Fairmont Mountain Bungalows.

  • Rates are still around $130 to $150 per night, and you get your own self-contained cabin. They’re tucked away in the forest and there’s a great outdoor pool and hot tub on site.

You can also stay at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort.

  • You’ll have access to the commercial hot spring pool, the natural hot springs and many hiking and mountain biking trails.

You could also stay in Radium Hot Springs at the Gateway Motel.

  • You’ll only be one hour from Lussier and this is the cleanest hotel we’ve ever stayed in, it’s pet friendly and comes with a coffee station and home cooked breakfast every morning. Oh, and a cedar sauna and firepit areas!

Best Time to Visit Lussier Hot Springs

The best time to visit Lussier Hot Springs is early in the morning on a weekday.

There’s a good chance you’ll have the springs to yourself if you’re there by 7:00am on a weekday, any time of year.

The most popular time to visit Lussier Hot Springs is in the spring, summer and fall months on the weekends.

If it’s a nice weekend, there’s a chance there could be 30 other people at the rock pools with you.

In the winter, fewer people visit Lussier, but it will still be busy on the weekends unless it’s frigidly cold outside. 

What You Can and Can’t Bring to Lussier Hot Springs 

Dogs are not allowed at Lussier Hot Springs so please leave your furry friends at home.

Alcohol is also not allowed and if you’re bringing other beverages or food, please don’t bring any glass down to the hot springs area.

Bring lots of water if you’ll be soaking in the hot springs for a while, as the heat and minerals can dehydrate you very quickly. 

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