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Dog Friendly Jasper – Everything You Need to Know

Dog Friendly Jasper – Everything You Need to Know

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Jasper National Park is dog friendly and very welcoming to our furry friends. One of the first things you notice about visiting this spectacular place is how dog friendly Jasper is.

Particularly in the summer, strolling down mainstreet or hiking the trails, you see all kinds of smiling faces and wagging tails.

The summer of 2020 saw a surge in the number of restaurants in Jasper expanding their patios to allow pets, making humans and their beloved furry friends very happy to share a pint after a fun day of adventures. 

We love bringing our dog, Miley, to Jasper with us (here’s her Instagram).

After planning out your 3 day itinerary, here’s everything you need to know about bringing your dog to Jasper National Park.

(This post contains affiliate links, including Airbnb, meaning if you click through and make a purchase I may make a small commission. I only share information about things I know, love and trust!)

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Pet Friendly Accommodations in Jasper

Jasper Park Lodge is the best choice for pet friendly accommodations in Jasper.

Most rooms are individual bungalow cabins on the massive resort property overlooking the lake and the mountains.

Right outside your door and ground level balcony are trails and grass making bathroom and exercise breaks very convenient.

I’ve seen many larger sized dogs here, like Labradors and golden retrievers being happily greeted in the same manner as their humans. 

Jasper Park Lodge – image courtesy

Pocahontas Cabins are another great choice for cabins that are pet friendly in Jasper.

Every cabin is stand-alone and has direct access to outside and there are a few walking trails nearby.

Each room has a kitchenette and there are several barbecues on site, so you can cook your own meals and not have to worry about leaving your dog unattended to go find some dinner.

These cabins are about 30 minutes from the Jasper town site but is a very scenic spot to enjoy your outdoor mountain getaway. 

Pocahontas Cabins

Closer to town, Tekarra Lodge is a beautiful property only 5 minutes from town, and overlooks the confluence of the Athabasca and Miette rivers.

Each room is an individual picturesque mountain cabin and is known as one of the best pet friendly places to stay in Jasper.

I haven’t been able to stay here yet, as these rooms get booked up extremely fast and I’m more of a last minute gal, but I plan on staying here on our next trip. 

Tekarra cabin – Image courtesy of

If you’re looking for a pet friendly Airbnb in Jasper, this suite is in a quiet, residential neighborhood (but walking distance to downtown) has a private entrance, a kitchenette and a wood-burning fireplace.

Travel Tip – want to leave your dog alone while you go to dinner or skiing the slopes for the day?

You can hire a dog nanny who will come to your hotel room and walk your dog and keep them company while you’re away so that your fur-child isn’t left unattended in your hotel room. 

Accommodations in Jasper fill up fast, especially dog friendly rooms. I highly recommend booking well ahead. has one of the most transparent cancellation policies, so it never hurts to book when you can always change your mind later. 

And while all these hotels are pet friendly, most will include an extra pet-fee during your stay and not all rooms are pet-friendly.

Be sure to read the policies for each hotel before you book, as some have a limit to the number of dogs per room and size of dog. 

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Jasper

Due to health regulations in Alberta, restaurants don’t allow dogs inside, but there are several restaurants in Jasper that allow dogs on their patio!

Popular dog-friendly patios in Jasper are Jasper Brewing Company and Downstream. 

The patio at Jasper Brewing Company

On our most recent trip to Jasper, we discovered a restaurant called ‘Something Else.’ It’s on Patricia Street and has a small patio that’s dog-friendly.

It’s now our favorite because in the late afternoon, this spot gets plenty of sun, whereas all the patios on Connaught (mainstreet) are already in the shade.

a woman and a man holding a dog sitting at a patio table
Something Else restaurant in Jasper

Plus, this spot is a hidden gem where we didn’t have to wait for a table. Jasper Pizza Place also has a small street level patio that allows dogs.

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Dog Friendly Hikes in Jasper

With such a variety of trails and alpine wildflowers, your dog will love hiking in Jasper!

Dogs are allowed in Jasper National Park (in town and on trails) provided they are on a leash and under control at all times.

a small dog with pointy ears on a mountain trail

Walking around downtown Jasper in the summer, you will see so many people walking their pooches on mainstreet. 

Most hiking trails in Jasper allow dogs on leash, except for a few. Cavell Meadows, Bald Hills and Opal Hills are popular hiking trails that do not allow dogs (even on leash) due to these areas being caribou habitats. 

Valley of the Five Lakes is a great trail for dogs, especially if you’re just introducing your four-legged friend to hiking or have a smaller or older dog.

There isn’t much elevation gain and the trail is non-technical, but the views are gorgeous and it’s close to town. 

For higher views, Wilcox Pass hike is another great dog-friendly hiking trail in Jasper, but this one is a little further down the Icefields Parkway. The views here are spectacular. 

Dogs are allowed at Maligne Canyon as long as they are on a leash. The trails are busy here, but there are many routes you can take.

Due to the over spray from the powerful river, there are often sections of the trail that get wet and muddy, so be sure to have a towel in the car!

a man and a dog looking at a forest and mountain in the distance
Maligne Canyon

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Dog Friendly Things to Do in Jasper

Did you know that the Jasper Sky Tram is dog friendly? You can bring fido with you, and it only costs $5 for their ticket. It’s a smooth 7 minute ride.

I’m scared of heights, so it was actually very calming having my dog with me! Once you’re up top, you can hike to many different viewpoints, including the summit, which is 1.4kms from the tram station.

Just remember it gets very windy the higher you go and the weather can change quickly. There is a restaurant at the top of the Jasper Skytram, but dogs are not allowed inside. 

Besides hiking, for other pet friendly activities in Jasper you could head to Maligne lake and rent a canoe and they’re happy to allow you to bring your pup (just make sure they have a life jacket).

The famously beautiful Spirit Island is located on Maligne Lake, but it’s a 4 hour canoe ride to get there (one way).

But even paddling around for an hour or two would be lovely.

The water gets more turquoise the further out you go due to the higher concentration of glaciers toward the middle of the lake. 

If you want to take your dog to the beach, there’s a small dog-friendly area at Annette Lake which is found at the first parking lot as you head toward the main parking area.

You’ll know it’s the right one if you see the dock! This is the only area at Annette Lake where dogs are allowed.

Jasper also has a fenced off-leash park in town, just on the other side of the train tracks.  

There are easy waterfall viewing areas where you could bring your dog along. Dogs are allowed at Athabasca Falls (on leash), but it gets very busy here and many of the walkways are narrow.

Try to visit early in the morning on a weekday to avoid the crowds.

Sunwapta Falls are further down the Icefields Parkway, but are less visited and very scenic, so this spot would be a nice & quiet place for an easy walk with your pooch.

Helpful Items to Have on Your Adventures

If you’re planning to hike with your dog, the water bottles that have a built in bowl are the best way to keep water on hand for your dog.

This bottle has a silicone bowl that folds over itself making it very compact, plus you don’t waste any water if your dog doesn’t drink it all.  

A paw cleaner is a life saver to keep in the car in case your dog’s paws get muddy from wet spots on the trail. A paw protector balm is a good idea to apply to your dog’s paws after a long day on the trails. 

Busy road trips with dogs can make them a little unsure at times, be sure to pack plenty of treats to reward them and remind them that being away from home on adventures is a good thing!

Whistler’s Summit

Tips for Visiting Jasper National Park with Your Dog

Never leave your dog unattended in the car, especially during summer. Even though the mountain weather is generally cooler, summer days can get very hot.

Also, don’t leave your dog tied up outside somewhere nearby while you go into a shop or a restaurant, or even a highway pit toilet or unattended at your campsite.

Jasper has all kinds of wildlife who may be more attracted to or threatened by your dog. 

Always remember to clean up after your dog as their waste does not decompose in the same way like wild animals (due to different diets). 

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