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15 Stunning Pool Views Around the World That Will Fuel Your Wanderlust

15 Stunning Pool Views Around the World That Will Fuel Your Wanderlust

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Do you find yourself browsing Pinterest and Instagram looking for your next place to travel? When you’re in between holidays, searching for wanderlust and travel inspiration is a great way to keep yourself in the travel game.

Some of 2023’s hottest travel trends include taking in unforgettable views from your hotel pool, hot tub or spa. Having said that, travelers want more than just an infinity pool these days.

We want to look down over bustling skylines and urban centers exploding at the seams contrasted by our peaceful spa time. We want to be above the clouds high among the snow-capped mountains.

Immerse ourselves as we overlook the densely humid jungle hills. Or experience the pure bliss of being the only people for miles soaking in refreshingly cool waters in the middle of a barren desert.

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a small crowd of people bathe and enjoy the view of the skyscrapers from the infinity pol at the marina bay sands resort in singapore
The iconic view from the Marina Bay Sands Resort pool in Singapore!

Disclosure: some of the links in this article are affiliate links. Meaning that if you click through and make a purchase I may receive a small commission.

Whether we’re interested in blowing up our Instagram feeds or use the hotel pool view as a starting point to plan an entire vacation around, finding a hotel with the most epic view from the pool or hot tub can be the most gratifying feeling.

Travel Inspiration

If you’re anything like me, you love to research new places to travel to but sometimes don’t know where to start. It can be so overwhelming to peruse the pinterest boards to determine where you want to head to next.

Travel planning tip: When I do my research on destinations or countries I want to visit, I research the best places for a specific activity or experience I enjoy doing. Sometimes you’ll find that an area or a region is actually well-known for that type of activity, which you can then turn into a themed trip.

For example, I recently learned how to skateboard. In my trip planning I decided I wanted to plan a quick 4 or 5 day trip to the United States in the summer (I’m from Canada). But, didn’t know where to start.

I started to look up where the best beginner skateparks are. What I learned is that Oregon actually has the most skateparks per capita in the U.S. than any other state. Evidently, I’m now planning a trip to Oregon soon!

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Wanderlust Worthy Pool Views

To that end, one of my favorite activities is finding beautiful hotels, resorts, cabins, AirBnBs or any other accommodations that have incredible views from their pool or hot tub. After a day of gallivanting and adventure seeking I always look forward to a soak.

So, I’ve put together a list of some the best spots to take a dip around the world in hopes that it might help with your future travel planning or just general wanderlust. Enjoy and like where you’re going next!

Mexico – Villas Tiburon

This infinity pool is part of the rooftop bar at the hotel. Hammocks in the pool and cabanas on each side, overlooking the turquoise Caribbean water. The best part is that you don’t need to be a guest at the hotel to use the pool, bar patrons can as well!

infinity pool with hammocks and cabanas

This place is located on Holbox Island – a laid back, sandbar island where the sunsets are the best in all of Mexico.

Argentina – Arakur Hotel and Spa

This luxurious hotel can be found close to the southern most tip of the Earth! If you go any further you hit Antarctica.

Australia – Bronte Beach

Carved into the cliff face and overlooking the ocean, this is probably one of the most photogenic pools you’ll ever visit!

Australia – Mona Vale Beach

A large sandy beach with two rock pools, one for the kids and one that’s deeper – making this pool on the beach a great family spot. As you can see in the photo, the waves can crash close to the pool, and that’s what makes it a beautifully unique experience!

aerial view of an ocean-fed rock pool in australia

Austria – Tauern Spa Hotel & Therme

Vicki from the Chronic Wanderlust has a great guide about this refreshing alpine spa set in the heart of the Austrian Alps, including the roof top infinity pool!

Canada – The Moose Hotel and Suites

Set in the heart of Banff National Park, this rooftop hot tub is one of my favorites on the list. What’s better than taking a dip in an outdoor jacuzzi on a chilly winter day watching the sun set behind the jagged mountain tops.

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Costa Rica – Manuel Antonio Beach

Grab this view at the Makanda by the Sea Hotel and choose a villa with a private pool for the ultimate luxurious getaway with a stunning view.

girl in bikini wades in an infinity pool overlooking the pacific ocean
Photo by Maximilien T’Scharner on Unsplash

Egypt – Al-Nayzak

While not an official pool, this was formed from a meteor that left a natural pool separated from the Red Sea.

natural pool formed from a meteor
Photo by Isabella Jusková on Unsplash

Iceland – Seljavallalaug

This may be one of the oldest swimming pools in Iceland. Enjoy a trip back in time as you soak wedged between the lush yet rocky hills of southern Iceland.

a primitive rock pool set in the hills in iceland

Indonesia – Bali – Ulun Ubud Resort

Bali is well known for its long list of resorts with infinity pools; it’s hard to pick just one to showcase! You could make an entire trip hopping from resort to resort to sample all the pools. Sounds like a pretty good vacation to me!

girl stands on the edge of an infinity pool with the balinese jungle behind her

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Portugal – White Exclusive Suites & Villas

Set among the cliffs in the Azores Islands, you’ll be hard pressed to find better views of the Atlantic ocean from your hotel room pool villa!

infinity pool on the edge of a cliff in portugal

United States – New Jersey – Sojo Spa Club

Enjoy the incredible view of the New York Skyline from this rooftop pool! Sarah from Endless Distances writes a great piece about visiting this day spa, with lots of great tips.

girl sits in an infinity pool looking across at the new york skyline
Photo by Sarah from Endless Distances

United States – California

Rock Yacht

Bordering Joshua Tree National Park, enjoy the tranquil experience of an evening soak in a cold pool in the middle of the dry desert. The good news is that you can book a stay at this stunning location on AirBnB!

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Whisper Rock Ranch

Another hidden gem set among the weathered boulders of the Californian desert. Check it out on AirBnB as well!

girl at sunset sits on the edge of a pool in the middle of the desert

Wilbur Hot Springs Resort

We’re all searching for that elusive fountain of youth. Guess what? You can find it here! Instagram users @wedidthat definitely found it.

There is good news though! Most of these places can be found on or AirBnB.

As I mentioned in my trip planning tip at the beginning of this post, sometimes I browse through hotel booking sites to find more inspiration about where to visit next.

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Until next time friends, always remember to like where you’re going 🙂