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23 Unique Travel Gifts That People Will Actually Want to Receive

23 Unique Travel Gifts That People Will Actually Want to Receive

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Looking for a gift for someone who travels a lot? Whether it’s Christmas or the holiday season, a birthday, something for your spouse on your anniversary, or maybe newlyweds heading out on a honeymoon, it’s always tough finding something they will love.

Whether the recipient is a seasoned world traveler or about to embark on their very first trip, I’m pretty confident that at least something on this list of unique travel gifts will come in handy!

I’m so sick of gadgets, knick-knacks, novelties and gift for the sake of gifts. No one ever actually likes that stuff.

And how many more lists like this will suggest those scratch-off world maps, portable charger power banks, packing cubes, funky water bottles or those tile mate things to help you find your keys.

I promise you, this post only covers useful and practical items that people will actually get use out of.

The ideas I’ve put together here comes from my own experiences and things I’ve found useful and practical in my travels.

The perfect recipe for a gift that someone will love should be something thoughtful, functional and familiar enough with a bit of a novelty.

You know those items that would be great to have but you never get around to buying it for yourself?

These days, more and more people are either putting low spending limits on gift giving or aren’t even exchanging gifts at all. And that’s totally cool.

In a world where we’re starting to focus less on materials and more on minimalism, experiences are the new ‘things.’

That being said, sometimes you just want to find that perfect present for someone going travelling.

And if that’s the case, I’ve got some gift ideas that you probably haven’t thought of.

This post contains affiliate links. I may make a small commission if you make a purchase, but at absolutely no extra cost to you. I only share products I use, love and trust.

Unique Travel Gift Ideas

Useful Items To Help With Trip Planning

1. Wyze Cam

A lot of people are concerned about travel simply because they don’t want to be away from their house or their worried about what might happen when they’re away.

A simple solution are these inexpensive cameras that you can install either inside or on the exterior of your house (or condo).

They are easy to install and since they’re on WiFi you can check up on your place from wherever you are in the world. You can even talk through it!

We have these installed at the front and back of our house.

You know those times when you can’t remember if you closed the garage door? Now you can check!

Even if you’re not a traveler, these are perfect for pet parents to watch their fur children during the day when they’re at work or whenever you’re out of the house.

2. Amazon Prime Membership

Do you know someone who is very last minute and maybe a little unorganized?

A prime membership would be great for those last minute travel items that you forgot to pick up once you start packing.

Depending where they live they could have their purchases delivered the same day or next day.

Because we all know we always seem to remember things at midnight when stores are not open!

Gift Ideas For the Environmentally Conscious

3. Natural Shampoo Bar

Do you have a responsible traveler on your list?

This is perfect for travelers who love to only bring carry on luggage or those who want to live more sustainable and waste free.

The answer is a shampoo bar!

These all natural products come with zero packaging and zero liquid, making it perfect for air travel.

They look just like a bar of soap, but is just a bar of shampoo instead!

A great idea for stocking stuffers, especially if you know people who like to camp.

I use these when I want to wash my hair in the lake; all natural and no harm to the environment.

two bars of natural soap on a wood table

Things to Make Airplane Travel More Comfortable

4. Wireless Earbuds

Wireless headphones are pretty common these days, but as a frequent traveler myself I like having a couple pair around.

I keep these ones in my travel luggage specially for trips.

Both my husband and I have a pair and cannot say enough good things about them.

They are great for the plane because they come in their own handy little charging case, have no wires to get tangled, block a lot of the outside noise and are extremely comfortable to wear.

These would be a great gift idea for business travelers who need to make a lot of phone calls in the airport too.

5. Travel Footrest

For long haul flights, these can be a lifesaver, especially if you’re short!

I’m 5’1 and always have a problem with my feet touching the ground on airplanes.

I always have to rest them on my small carry-on that I place under the seat, which isn’t ideal.

If you’re prone to swelling and sore legs after a flight, this could be a game changer.

Enter the airplane footrest! You attach the straps to the tray table in front of you and then adjust the height you’d like.

If you’re gentle about placing your feet in the little foot hammock, the person in front of you won’t feel it.

The only downside is that it may not work for someone over 5’10, especially in economy class.

If you’re flying in an exit row seat with lots more leg room, however, you should be just fine!

6. A New and Improved Travel Neck Pillow

I don’t know about you but I never seem to have any luck with the typical neck pillows on the market.

(A couple years ago I was desperate and was sucked into some social media marketing and bought this style of travel pillow, but it doesn’t really work for me and I’ve barely used it).

This next level travel pillow has definitely caught my eye.

Admittedly, I haven’t tried it, but the positive reviews are abundant.

Plus, it’s a much different design than a lot of other ones out there, so there could be something awesome here.

7. An Inexpensive Phone/Tablet Holder to Watch Movies

No more skymall magazine origami! You know I’m talking about.

When you have to fold the magazine into a triangle and hope that it stays put.

Ever put your phone in a Ziploc bag tucked into the seat in front of you? Yeah, that never works.

With this moldable and foldable phone stand, you can tuck it into the seat in front of you without the tray table down. 

It also moves your phone up to eye level, which helps reduce neck & eye strain.

Travel Gift Ideas for Your Booze (Liquids)

8. Wine Bottle Protector

This is for any of your wine loving travel friends.

Or those heading to the Caribbean for some rum or to Mexico to bring back tequila.

One of my favorite presents to give someone going travelling are these wine bottle protectors.

They’re durable bottle shaped bubble wrap that protect the bottle and are also leak proof in case anything does happen.

This would be an awesome gift for someone heading to the Caribbean who might want to bring back some rum, or maybe a nice bottle of Tequila from their trip to Mexico.

Hopefully they’ll like the present enough that they’ll want to share what they brought back!

9. An Insulated Beer (or Wine) Koozie

This is the perfect gift for someone who loves to go camping or spends a lot of time at the lake and on the boat.

You might think they’re expensive, but what’s a perfectly cold beer all weekend long worth to you?

And a product that is indestructible and will last a lifetime?

I’ve used the cheap ones and have already saved money by investing in one of these Yeti tumblers.

Just trust me on this one.

10. Perfect Portable Coffee

For a coffee addict like myself, there’s nothing worse than waking up in your hotel room only to realize you have the option of either making some nasty coffee-flavored brown water or nothing at all.

Most hotel rooms always have a kettle so a practical gift for a coffee loving traveler would be something like Tribo Coffee.

Single serve pour-over coffee with the filter and coffee grounds all in one.

Pair it with a cute mug, and you’ve got the perfect present for someone who travels for business or loves to go camping.

It’s another practical gift for people who go camping or those who are living more minimalist and sustainable.

All the convenience of instant coffee but with the rich, bold taste of freshly ground beans.

Awesome Travel Bags and Things to Save Space

11. Travel Compression Bags (Way Better Than Packing Cubes)

I mentioned earlier that everyone and their dog always recommends packing cubes.

While these are usually pretty good for keeping things organized, they don’t totally save space.

That’s why I always prefer to use compression bags. Any pack you buy usually has a few different sizes so can still keep things separate and organized.

All you do is lay your clothes flat inside, and then roll the bags up to push all the air out.

You are then left with perfect flat bags of clothes using half the space you normally would.

I used these on my 5-week backpacking trip in southeast Asia and they were awesome.

I was able to save a ton of room in my backpack so that I could bring home a few more souvenirs and mementos from my trip!

They also come in handy for other purposes, too. For example, you can use them when you’re moving and want to pack things up tight!

12. A Better Toiletry Bag

Never underestimate the importance of a good travel toiletry bag!

Most people I know (including myself) seem to hang on to toiletry bags for way too long a good toiletry bag is essential for any trip.

Casual weekend getaways or frequent business travelers know the importance of a good toiletry bag, but this is usually an item that many travelers overlook buying for themselves.

Why? This is usually the type of thing people don’t like spending the money for, but love when they receive it as a gift.

13. A Super Cute and Useful Travel Bag

Alright people, fanny packs are back. Another essential item is a little travel bag that’s good quality but not too expensive and not flashy looking.

This is important for those traveling in more developing areas where tourist thefts are prevalent.

For less than 20 bucks, this one holds all the essentials, like your phone, keys and wallet.

It’s also perfect for the beach or to use when staying at an all-inclusive resort.

If you really want to go all out, fill it with essential travel items like a face mask for the plane, an SPF stick, etc.

This takes 10 minutes to put together but looks so thoughtful!

14. Travel Jewelry Case

This is another one of those items that a lot of people won’t go out and buy themselves, but would love it as a gift.

A cute and compact travel jewelry case is perfect for keeping everything organized, especially if your recipient loves buying jewelry on their vacations.

I know I’m a sucker for buying rings from the beach vendors in Puerto Vallarta!

This way everything stays protected on the trip home.

Useful Electronics for Travel

15. WiFi Anywhere With a Pocket Wifi Device

Give the gift of WiFi anytime, anywhere! With this device called Skyroam, you can connect up to 5 people to have access to unlimited WiFi.

It pulls from the cellular networks and user only pay for what they use.

This is a perfect gift for someone travelling internationally who doesn’t have a sim card.

It’s great for when you’re in Europe on the train for a few hours or maybe on a road trip in a foreign country! 

You also have the option to rent the device or buy it outright.

16. An Instant Camera

While not necessarily an essential travel item, an instant camera can be super fun for someone planning a trip with friends or a family reunion.  

It’s also great for people travelling to family reunions, baby showers (or bridal showers) or visiting grandparents.

You have memories immediately.

Add a cute little album to put them in, with a few stickers & fun pens, and voila instant gift.

17. A Dome Lens for GoPro

These things are seriously cool. If you know anyone who loves their GoPro, this is the ultimate present.

The photos that you can capture under water are next level.

Random Unique Travel Gifts That You’ve Never Thought Of

18. Activity Specific World Travel Maps

If you have someone on your list who loves to travel, check out Awesome Maps.

On posters, canvas or towels you can find world maps that show you where all the ski resorts are, where are the best fishing spots can be found, best places to surf and bucket list travel experiences to do in each country.

There’s even best places to do yoga around the world for all the traveling yogis!

Use the discount code ALYSSA to get 10% your order.

19. Bed Shelfie

A useful travel gift for someone who travels for business a lot is a bed shelfie! It’s a little bedside shelf that you attach to the side of your bed.

How many times do hotels never have a bedside table or night stand and you’ve got to put your stuff on the floor or the other side of the room? Problem solved!

Also perfect if you’re staying a relative’s house in a spare bedroom without a night stand.

Or if you have a minimalist in your life, this is the perfect item for someone who hates clunky furniture.

20. Workout Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are the ultimate way to get a workout in while traveling or on vacation.

They barely weigh anything and you can use them in small spaces like hotel rooms.

If you’ve got a traveler on your list who is on the road a lot, these are perfect for keeping in shape.

21. Female Urination Device

Okay folks, hear me out on this one. If you’ve got a girl in your life who loves camping, outdoor music festivals or long hikes, this is a winner. It allows any girl to pee standing up, anywhere.

Or maybe you know someone heading to a developing country or somewhere remote and they’re worried about squatty potties. Problem solved.

22. A Travel Journal

Handmade Leather Journals

These are always a favorite, and I think even more important now than ever.

Lately, I hear many people asking about how they can remember their trips and vacations in a more meaningful way.

Especially now that a lot of people are trying to disconnect and consciously reduce screen time.

Give the gift of a nice leather bound journal in which someone can take on their trip and get back into jotting down their memories.

I love doing this with my morning coffee and writing down what I loved about the previous day on my vacations.

I also love these handmade journals on Etsy that can be personalized, for less than $20!

23. An Airbnb Gift Card

There’s probably no better gift for a friend going travelling than some money toward an Airbnb stay.

You can purchase any amount and send it via email. A perfect last minute travel gift.

And then send them to my post about guaranteeing the perfect Airbnb rental every single time.

Need more ideas? Check out 28 Essential Travel Items That Are a Game Changer

Liked these ideas? Save a pin to your travel board to remember for later!


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