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February Weather in Puerto Vallarta: What to Expect for Your Trip

February Weather in Puerto Vallarta: What to Expect for Your Trip

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February is a great time to visit Puerto Vallarta. We recently spent 2 and a half weeks there in the month of February.

If you read my detailed itinerary of our trip, you’ll notice that the weather was no less than perfect. Here’s what the weather is like in Puerto Vallarta in February so that you can plan and pack accordingly. 

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February Weather in Puerto Vallarta Overview

The weather in Puerto Vallarta in February is warm and dry, with average temperatures ranging from the high 70s to the high 80s (25 to 32 degrees Celsius).

There is little precipitation during the month of February. 

The average high temperature in Puerto Vallarta in February is around 89 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius).

The average low temperature in Puerto Vallarta in February is around 73 degrees Fahrenheit (23 degrees Celsius). 

The evenings may be a little chilly for some people.

I found that I usually wore a light sweater or jacket to be the most comfortable at night. 

The water temperature in Puerto Vallarta in February is typically around 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius), making it a great time to enjoy the beach or go swimming.

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How Warm is Puerto Vallarta in February

With average daily highs of 70s to the high 80s (25 to 32 degrees Celsius), February temperatures are perfectly warm without being too hot. 

February is one of the months with the most sunny days, so you might even find that you’ll be seeking out shade in the heat of the day.

Most days you’ll be perfectly fine wearing shorts, t-shirts or tank tops and sun dresses. 

However, the evenings can get quite cool at this time of year.

Once the sun goes down, the temperatures can hover around the high 50s to high 60s (or 15 to 20 Celsius). 

For me, this meant that I usually needed a light sweater in the evenings or even wore pants and leggings on many occasions. 

Does it Rain in Puerto Vallarta in February?

February is one of the drier months in Puerto Vallarta, with an average of just 3 inches of rain. 

Visiting in the second half of February will mean even less precipitation as Puerto Vallarta gets closer to the dry season. 


Puerto Vallarta’s humidity doesn’t vary a whole lot during the year.

When visiting in February, you can expect an average humidity of between 60 and 80 %. 

You can generally expect Puerto Vallarta to be less humid from January to March, as these are the coldest months (temperature wise) and therefore can expect lower humidity. 

Can You Swim in Puerto Vallarta in February? 

While February is one of the coldest months when it comes to sea temperatures, swimming in the ocean in Puerto Vallarta is still quite pleasant at this time of year. 

If you’re visiting from a colder, more northern climate, the water is plenty warm enough to swim in. 

You can expect an average ocean water temperature of around 23 to 24 degrees. 

This is contrasted by the months of July and August when the average water temperature hovers around 31 degrees.

Some local tourists or Mexican nationals might tell you that the water is a little chilly for them to swim in during the winter months of January through March.

On the other hand, foreign tourists (like those from the USA, Canada and the UK) will find that the water is plenty warm enough for a dip! 

Mosquitos and Insects

Being a tropical destination, Puerto Vallarta does have mosquitos and other pesky insects like the no-see-um. 

You should encounter very few of them throughout the month of February, as they are more prevalent leading up to, during and after the rainy season (usually April through November). 

If you’re mostly staying within the city or at an all-inclusive resort, chances are you’ll never get bothered by mosquitos. 

If you venture into the jungle for day trips or excursions, I recommend bringing and wearing bug spray. 

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