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Best Places to Stay in Jasper for 2024 (full guide for all budgets)

Best Places to Stay in Jasper for 2024 (full guide for all budgets)

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Mountain parks always offer some of the most beautiful and unique places to stay, and Jasper National Park is no exception.

This beautiful area on the northern tip of the Canadian Rockies offers all kinds of accommodations ranging from high end and luxury hotels, mid-range lodges, budget motels and hostels, adorable cabins and even some great campgrounds.

Jasper caters to many different types of travelers, so whether you’re into hiking, skiing or just looking to breathe in that fresh mountain air – I’ve curated a list of the best places to stay in Jasper to suit your needs. 

Jasper is often overlooked when it comes to Canada’s mountain towns, but in my opinion is definitely a hidden gem.

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Top 4 Places to Stay in Jasper:

1. Downtown – Whistler’s Inn for central location and rooftop hot tubs

2. Budget – Lobstick Lodge, which is clean and pet friendly

3. Luxury – Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge for upscale romantic stay

4. Cabins – Miette Hot Springs Bungalows for pet friendly cabins & closest place to Miette Hot Springs

Spirit Island at Maligne Lake – a must-see when visiting Jasper

I often prefer Jasper instead of Banff because it’s so much less busy and way more authentic.

Most visitors enjoy the slower pace and quieter atmosphere.

If you’re looking for some of the freshest air you will ever breathe, this is definitely the place for you. 

Even though it’s a national park, you can stay overnight within the park itself at a variety of cute cabins and campgrounds.

Or you can stay in the town site of Jasper at the many hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts and homestays.

Miette Hot Springs Bungalows

Jasper is a cozy community of a few thousand permanent residents and has all the amenities you would need as a visitor.

Cute shops, restaurants, a recreation centre and lots of lodging. 

The closest major city to Jasper National Park is Edmonton, Alberta, which is about a 4 hour drive directly east of Jasper.

Edmonton has an international airport, so this is where you would arrive if you’re flying.

There is a larger community called Hinton which is located about 40 minutes away from Jasper.

Hinton has a few more amenities like big box stores such as Walmart and large grocery stores.

I’ve been traveling to Jasper at least 2 or 3 times per year for both leisure and for work, so I’ve stayed in a ton of different places.

In this post you will find my best recommendations based on price range and suited for what type of traveling you’ll be doing.

a small alpine town in the winter
Photo Credit: Tourism Jasper

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Jasper Accommodations are Located Both in Town and Throughout the National Park

Most of the hotels in Jasper National Park are located in the town of Jasper itself, but there are several other options ranging from 10 minutes to 45 minutes out of town.

In town, the hotels and motels are mostly located at either end of the downtown, so you will need to walk about 10 to 15 minutes from most hotels to the downtown.

The good news is that they’re all on the main road called Connaught Drive, so as long as you walk in a straight line you won’t miss anything; super easy to get around!

There are a couple hotels that are located in the heart of downtown, though.

Downtown Jasper

Where to Stay in Downtown Jasper

The Athabasca Hotel is one of the oldest in town, and has kept the vintage charm in most of its rooms.

If you want to be on the middle of the action, this is the place you want to stay.

The only real bar where everyone in town hangs out is located here, called the Atha-B. I mean look at this seriously cool old world charm.

If you want walking distance to everything, this is a great option. 

However, I usually choose to stay at the Whistler’s Inn which is also right in the middle of downtown.

The reason I like it here is because it’s got a rooftop hot tub, which is essential for any time I travel to Jasper.

This is always a must for me as a soak in the tub is much needed after a day of snowboarding or hiking!

But, there’s also many other reasons why this is a great spot. There’s an amazing Italian restaurant on site, and it’s walking distance to everything in town.

And if you’re arriving in Jasper by train, this hotel is literally across the street from the train station. 

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Mid Range Places to Stay in Jasper

A great mid-range choice is the Mount Robson Inn. What’s awesome about this hotel is that each room has a view of the mountains!

It’s also located on the southern edge of town, so it will still be a 15 minute walk to the core.

However, because it’s on this side of town, it makes for a quick getaway to Marmot Basin for skiing or Highway 93 for sightseeing or the start to many hikes.

There are also a couple of outdoor hot tubs/spas so this place is a good choice if you’re planning any outdoor activities that may result in some sore muscles!

Or, if your travel style prefers a hotel that’s a little newer and updated, try the Crimson Hotel.

As one of Jasper’s newest lodging options, it’s on the higher-end of a mid-range hotel.

As it has both a pool and a hot tub and is located a little closer to the downtown core (compared to my choices listed above), this is a great choice if you’re planning to stay in Jasper for 3 or more nights.

Tip: since it’s only a few minutes’ walk to the train station across the street, you might want to ask for a room on the backside of the building.

Sometimes the train movement on the tracks can be a little loud if you’re a light sleeper.

Or, this might be a bonus for some folks! Something about a soothing lull of a train passing by in the mountains to put you right to sleep.

Crimson Hotel Photo credit:

Budget and Cheap Places to Stay in (and around) Jasper

Top Jasper Motel Choice: Tonquin Inn

When I’m not looking to spend a lot of money on my Jasper getaway, a solid and reliable choice is always the Tonquin Inn.

It’s motel ‘style’ meaning all the rooms are accessed from outside.

This basic lodge is also becoming dated, but it’s clean and inexpensive.

If you’re only in town for a night or two, I wouldn’t hesitate staying here.

They do have a nice indoor hot tub and two pretty good outdoor hot tubs as well!

Tip: If you’re on the 2nd or 3rd floor you’ll need to carry your luggage upstairs, so if mobility is a concern, you will want to make sure you get a main floor room.

Best Budget Lodging in Jasper: Lobstick Lodge

Lobstick Lodge – image courtesy Mountain Park Lodges Jasper

Another great budget choice is the Lobstick Lodge.

It’s one of the hotels on the edge of town, so you’ll be walking a bit further to the core, so keep this in mind if you have any mobility issues.

However, there is plenty of free parking all over Jasper, so driving is pretty easy around here.

This hotel has some great new renovated bathrooms with walk in showers and some nice kitchenettes as well.

There’s also a cozy outdoor hot tub and an indoor one and pool too. 

Where to Stay Near Jasper National Park for Cheap

If you’re really on a budget or just looking to save that extra bit of cash, you could consider staying outside of Jasper National Park and stay in Hinton, which is a 45 minute drive away.

Not only is it cheaper to stay here, sometimes it’s your only option! In busy season (summer and Christmas/Holiday Season), Jasper gets booked up and might have zero vacancy.

While Hinton can be beautiful since you can see the mountains in the distance, it’s mostly an industrial and blue collar community.

And because there is a pulp mill in town, there’s often a stench in the air that smells like rotten eggs.

I’ve stayed here on a last minute New Year’s snowboard trip and the air definitely smelled, but we were only outside to load up the car in the morning and when we got back in the afternoon; the money savings makeup for the smell!

You will also notice that Valemount is another community outside of Jasper National Park, but it’s further from Jasper than Hinton and its primary tourism activity is snowmobiling. 

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Luxury and Higher End Places to Stay in Jasper 

The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge is one of the best hotels in Jasper National Park.

This is one of my favorite Fairmont mountain properties. Its nestled deep in the woods, and all the rooms are cabin-style!

This place is awesome because you get the rustic alpine style vibe with all the luxurious service and offerings of a Fairmont property. And you will often wake up to deer and elk quietly roaming around the property.

All rooms come with awesome ground level patios with comfy lounge chairs.

Tip: try to get a room overlooking the water…stunning!

And the outdoor hot tub and heated pool provide some pretty majestic views.

The JPL is not within walking distance to town, but it’s just over a 5 minute drive. If you don’t have a vehicle there are shuttles or taxis that will take you there very easily. 

A very comparable high end property is the Pyramid Lake Resort.

Here  you can go canoeing, fishing and hiking right out your front door.

In the summer you can enjoy a private beach for guests only, and in the winter it’s the perfect place for ice skating on a frozen lake surrounded by mountains. 

It’s the perfect place to unwind, disconnect, grab a seat on a cozy chair outside and watch the wildlife pass by!

Best Cabins in Jasper National Park

Probably one of my favorite ways to enjoy a mountain getaway is to book an individual cabin or cottage.

They’re a little more private, self-contained and really allow you to enjoy the mountain atmosphere.

Best Cabins in Jasper National Park: Tekarra Lodge

Tekarra Lodge is located only 5 minutes from downtown Jasper and offers cabins that range in size from bachelor suites to 2 bedrooms.

Many of the cabins overlook the Athabasca River.

But even if you can’t snag a riverside cabin, there are chairs all along the ridge where you can have a glass of wine or sip your morning coffee.

There’s also a restaurant onsite and you can even walk into downtown within 15 minutes.

Tekarra Lodge cabins are also pet friendly, and you can hit several hiking and mountain bike trails right from the property.

Second Best Cabin Accommodations in Jasper: Miette Mountain Cabins

Miette Mountain Cabins are aesthetically pleasing, and perfectly log-cabin alpine-style vibes.

The Miette Mountain Cabins are also dog-friendly.

Read more about all the dog-friendly things you can do in Jasper.

Pocahontas Cabins

These ones are about 30 minutes from town, so you will need a car to get around.

But if you’re on a honeymoon or looking for a romantic couples’ getaway, this is the perfect place.

This is a great choice if you’re planning to visit the Miette Hot Springs, too.

Morning coffee on your private deck looking at the mountains, anyone? 

Photo credit:

Third Choice for Cabins in Jasper: Jasper East Cabins

Jasper East Cabins. These cabins are located just outside of the national park gates, so about 30 minutes to get to Jasper.

But the remote location makes for some unreal stargazing when the night sky is clear. Out here there is very little light pollution.

Jasper is the second largest designated dark sky preserve in the world and they’ve built an annual festival every October to celebrate.

As an added bonus, there’s a great local brewery next door (walking distance) called Folding Mountain Brewery

Becker’s Chalets should be another contender if you’re visiting Jasper between May and October (it’s a seasonal property, only open in the summer).

The rustic log cabins are accented by verdant meadows leading to mountains in the background. 

Campgrounds and RV Parks

Whistlers Campground is the only campground that has full RV hookups, however its been undergoing renovations for 2019 and will likely continue into the 2020 summer season. 

Jasper Gates RV Campground is a mixed bag option as well. While its best suited for RVs, but there’s actually a small motel onsite and more log cabins as well!

If you’re bringing your RV and toy hauler, this would be a good stop for ATV enthusiasts as you’re not located in the national park and have access to nearby ATV trail all around Hinton. 

Wapiti Campground. This campground is actually open year round, so if you’re a cross-country skier, there are many trails that start right near the property.

There are some sites that have electrical hookups and there are hot shower facilities for campers’ use. Reserving spots in advance is highly recommended and usually opens in January each year. 

Wabasso campground is a little smaller, and only open in the summer. There aren’t any showers here, and its best suited for tents and small RVs. 

There are several other small campgrounds in Jasper National Park. For all the details, including how to reserve online, check the Parks Canada website

Insider Tip: try Mount Robson Provincial Park in British Columbia for something a little less busy.

If you’re open to winging it and it seeing what you can find, you can always try to get a first come first served spot somewhere in Jasper, and if nothing is available, continue on the 30-40 minute drive west to Mount Robson. 

Jasper Lodging Tips

If you’re trying to book Jasper accommodations several months or a year or more in advance, it may seem like there are few hotel rooms available or appear to be sold out.

This is because in the busy summer months, its not uncommon for Jasper to be completely booked up.

Often demand far exceeds supply here, so many hotels and hotel companies don’t feel the need to list their rooms on third party sites until closer to check in dates.

So if you don’t find anything right away, there’s no need to panic quite yet! Keep checking.

Also, before your trip it’s worth taking a quick peek into Canadian holiday dates – many of us locals love to use these extra long weekends to enjoy a staycation, and the mountains are a big draw.

Any online calendar is fine, so watch out for holidays and try to avoid booking your trip during these busier weekends for your best bet to secure your first choice in accommodation.

For example, Canadian Thanksgiving is in early-October, which is about 6 weeks earlier than American Thanksgiving. Something to keep in mind!

In my opinion, Jasper is the perfect choice for that quintessential relaxing mountain getaway.

Whether you prefer to stick to a budget, rent a quaint cabin or go full luxury, there’s a perfect place waiting for you!

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