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How to Get Cashback on Flights (+ other travel saving tips)

How to Get Cashback on Flights (+ other travel saving tips)

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If you want to save money on travel and find the best way to get cashback on flights, I’m going to introduce you to a website called WayAway.

Airfare is often the most expensive part of any vacation, and who doesn’t want to save money?

My latest travel hack is using the flight aggregator called WayAway, which not only finds you the cheapest deals on flights, you can get cashback rewards on your flight booking, hotel booking, tours and car rentals!

In this post, I’m going to show you how to maximize your travel budget by showing you how much money you can save on your entire vacation (not just flights) by using WayAway. 

And the best part is, all of these rewards are in the form of cash and none of this involves signing up for another credit card!

This post contains affiliate links, meaning if you click through and make a purchase I may make a small commission. I only share information about things I know, love and trust!

What is WayAway

WayAway is a flight aggregator that offers travelers the most competitive rates on airline tickets and other travel deals.

Signing up for the WayAway Plus membership plan provides users with additional cashback on flights, hotels, rentals, and more.

With WayAway’s cutting-edge search technology, which compares airfares offered by all major US and global airlines and agencies, users can find options that fit any budget.

The platform features the best flight deals for specific travel dates, as well as more affordable tickets on alternative dates.

WayAway’s comprehensive filter offers limitless flexibility when booking a flight, allowing users to toggle between baggage requirements, flight details, layovers, and overnight flights, and luggage recheck.

For travelers who plan ahead, WayAway provides price alerts to inform them of limited-time bargains and price drops. With WayAway, travelers can fly without breaking the bank.

How to Get Cashback on Flights with WayAway Plus

The WayAway Plus membership plan is the secret travel hack to getting cashback on flights.

While there are many travel aggregators available, WayAway sets itself apart with its unique offering of additional cashback rewards.

Here’s how WayAway Plus works: purchase an annual membership plan at an early-bird price of $49.99.

Any bookings you make through the program for flights, hotels, car rentals and tours, you will receive cashback on each!

Tip: Use the code AlySmalls or use this link for 10% your membership!

For instance, if you book a hotel on via WayAway Plus, you’ll receive up to 10% in cashback rewards after your stay.

Some hotels even offer up to 20% cashback. 

So if you book a hotel for one night for $150, you’ll receive $15 cashback. 

Bonus tip: you get a 7 day free trial. So if you’ll be booking for an upcoming trip, try it out for free with no obligation – you can always cancel before your trial is up.

Real Money Back

A distinctive aspect of WayAway Plus is that travelers receive actual cash, not points or miles.

The money is directly deposited into your PayPal account, giving you the freedom to spend it as you see fit.

How to Get Cashback on Other Travel Services

The best part of booking through WayAway is that you get rewarded on all your other travel. 

Here is the cashback rates on all the other services you’ll likely need on your vacation.

  • Flights: up to 5%
  • up to 20% off on selected deals
  • transfers: 10%
  • tickets to museums, shows and attractions: 7%
  • Hostelworld hostel bookings: up to 6%
  • QEEQ car rentals: 5%
  • 5%
  • GoCity attractions: up to 3%
  • Viator tours and excursions: 6%
  • AirHelp (passenger rights protection): 10%
  • GetYourGuide tours and excursions: 8%

Other Benefits of Using WayAway Plus 

Referral Program Perks

Every user of WayAway Plus has access to their own unique referral link, which can be copied from the platform’s homepage and shared via social networks or with friends.

The referral program benefits both parties involved:

  • When a friend purchases WayAway Plus through your referral link, they will receive a 10% discount on the service.
  • You will receive $5 for every friend who purchases a subscription through your referral link.
  • If five people purchase WayAway Plus through your referral link, you will receive the following year of WayAway Plus for free.

A friend in every city

WayAway ambassadors have created a fantastic collection of guides to cities across the US and the world.

Users can check out the best places to visit, eat, and take photos.

Top recommendations from locals: tried-and-tested restaurants, interesting routes, secret selections, instagrammable views and much more.

Premium support

WayAway Plus users have access to premium support that is ready to help answer any travel-related question, such as how to find the best car rental deals or recommendations on local cuisine.

You can ask the travel experts anything related to your travels.

  • They’ll find you the right ATM at 1am
  • explain how to get to the hotel
  • suggest restaurants with the best views

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